Proposed Law to Place Animal Abusers on Public Registry

Proposed Law to Place Animal Abusers on Public Registry
Brad Shear, Executive Director of the Mohawk & Hudson River Humane Society, pets Oliver before commenting on animal cruelty charges against his previous owner, Michael Perillo. Oliver, a Great Dane, was badly beaten and rescued from a house in Schenectady. (J.S. Carras/The Record)

If legislation in Albany County passes, animal abusers will appear on a public registry.  If you're convinced of animal abuse, your name would appear on this registry for 10 years, according If you're a repeat offender, your name would appear there for life. If your name appears on this registry - then you would not be allowed to purchase or adopt a pet.

There's no question, many of those who abuse animals later on go on to abuse women and/or children, or may be currently abusing women and/or children; and animal abusers are more likely to commit violent crimes than the average person in the general population.

Albany County Legislator, Bryan Clenahan says he was inspired to write the bill after learning about Oliver, a Great Dane' who was severly abused.

The pet stores in the area don't like the bill because everyone purchasing a pet, even a adopting from a shelter, will have to be checked before they can bring a pet into their home. You'd think pet stores would put potential animal abuse ahead of a sale, perhaps that's not the case.

Proponents are hopeful that if the bill succeeds in Albany, it will pass elsewhere in New York state, and maybe elsewhere in America.


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  • I think this is a FABULOUS idea and as a law enforcement professional in Canada, I can only hope that someday we can get something like this passed up here.

    Pet Stores are famous for getting their dogs from puppy mills so I am not surprised that they value a sale over the safety of an animal they sell. People like this should not be in business and if this bill DOES pass and some pet stores DON'T comply they should be SHUT DOWN.


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    I think thats GREAT !!!! People could look up names before selling a pet.or giving them to a bad home Wonderful Idea!

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    Yeah well pet stores are in it for the money, they don't care where dogs come from..which is why puppy mills still exist.

  • Keep the comments coming - and share the post...I want to hear from someone against...Can this be in some way in violation of a privacy laws? I'm just wondering....

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    In reply to Steve Dale:

    this is absolutely fantastic!! it's been bantied about, here in texas, too.let's git her done! what do we need to do? give me a petition.i'm always signing petitions.but, this would be one of the sweetest signatures,ever.thnx dave.debbie bell.ft.worth,tx

  • If a person is convicted of animal abuse, just like child sex offenders, they should lose their privacy rights concerning that conviction. Animals are innocent and at the mercy of the people in their care. How much extra work or time would be involved in looking into a list to see if the person wanting a pet is a convicted abuser. That's a lame excuse from pet stores.... It's all about the profits for them. They forget that animals are not luggage to be kicked around or forgotten about.

    Whether this would help is questionable because people who want to break the law will get around this by getting someone else to buy the pet for them or by fasifying their identity, but I'm all for any chance to keep even one pet out of danger.

  • Interesting, Louise....

  • In the meantime, there is a searchable database, advocating for these can look up current and past cases by zip code. Looks like a lot of useful information..

  • Re: the site I referenced, be forewarned that it gives names and also graphic descriptions. I think it could be a useful tool. I was shocked and saddened to see what was going on in a 5-mile radius of my own zip code.

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