Steve Dale's Pet World Interview, How to Clicker Train Cats

Steve Dale's Pet World Interview, How to Clicker Train Cats
Cat behavior consultant Marilyn Krieger explains how your cat can jump through hoops. And why you'd want your cat to jump through hoops in the first place.

Cats can be trained? Maybe? But why would you do that in the first place? Marilyn Krieger of Cat Fancy magazine and Cat talks about how to train cats, beginning with something that motivates. Krieger, the author of "Cat Fancy Naughty No More" also explains how to clicker train.

Listen HERE, to my interview with Marilyn on Steve Dale's Pet World, and you can begin to train your cat to do amazing things, from jumping through hoops to making out your income tax returns.


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  • OMG this is awesome!! As a cat owner I know they can be trained but this really expanded my horizons!! hmmmm...ways to keep my Kaize busy!! She's too smart for her own good! ;-)

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  • Thank you Steve! I'm Marilyn, the author of Naughty No More! The book is available in all flavors of e-book. Soft copies of the book can be currently bought at your local Pet Smart stores. The book is being re-printed and will be available in all of the other usual places in October.
    Marilyn Krieger, Certified Cat Behavior Consultant

  • Hey, Coach Marilyn - a nice problem to have - your book is too popular....

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