Is Your Cat Not Feeling Well? How Can You Tell?

Celebrate Take Your Cat to the Vet week (August 22-28) - having your cat visit the veterinarian for a twice annual preventative exam is really important. This is an initiative supported by and the CATalyst Council.

Sadly, cats - on average - see the veterinarian less than half as often as dogs. Presumably, there are many reasons for this....Just getting the cat to the veterinarian (have you tried taking out the carrier?) can be a challenge; people often don't believe indoor cats can get sick (that's crazy, cancers, hyperthyroid disease, heart disease, etc. have nothing to do with a cat being inside or outside), and often even diligent cat owners have no idea there cat is sick. That's because cats are clever at masking how they feel.

Here are 10 Subtle Signs of Illness in Cats:


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