What Do Our Pets Think Of Us?

What Do Our Pets Think Of Us?
So, do our pets love us? What do they think about us? That's a topic of an upcoming Tweet Chat.

So, what do our pets really think about us? Do they love us? Are they even capable of love? Or are we just a food source, and a place to find safe shelter?

I'm honored to be a contributing editor at USA Weekend, and I'm grateful that USA Weekend decided on this piece as a cover story. If you missed it - here's the story online.

The comments into my personal email box have been all over the map (and on my Facebook Fan page), certainly it's sparked discussion and even debate. On July 6, 1 pm CDT, I am host of a Tweet Chat - and I'm happy to "talk" with you about this story, or even summer safety (such as that piece about leaving dogs in hot cars), the FIP symposium, or ANYTHING else pets. You do need a Twitter account. Just direct the Tweet: @usaweekend and then "write" or tweet with the hashtag #usawpets to get in on the conversation. Hope to see you there. (Further directions on the Tweet Chat, HERE).

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