WGN Radio Petcast: An Hour with Dr. Ian Dunbar and Kelly Gorman Dunbar

WGN Radio Petcast: An Hour with Dr. Ian Dunbar and Kelly Gorman Dunbar

Click Here for this WGN RADIO PETCAST with the First Family of dog training, (may take a moment to load) - with Dr. Ian Dunbar and Kelly Gorman Dunbar are in studio for an entire Podcast.

Among the many topics in this very special broadcast - and might be the most important hour I've spent with the Dunbars; we discuss a topic head on which so many are afraid to approach. The truth about what's really going on with longevity of our pure bred dogs? Our dogs should be living longer than ever - but many are not, particularly pure bred dogs. Why? I's shocking and tragic and few are telling the truth about this is.

What's really going on here? And what can be done? We talk about designer breeds, which the Dunbar's feel are enhancing diversity. Dr. Dunbar says don't ever breed male dogs until they are 10 yrs. old, and we will solve many problems. And how the B.B.C did a documentary on the problems of dog breeding causing enormous issues, and as a result changes have been made there but what about the U.S.? And about raising and training puppies to companion animals, another area which most breeders may be failing. And dogs die as a result of "bad behavior" as often or more often than congenital illness.

We also talk about lots of other topics, from how dogs see (and mostly smell) the world as well as scent games for dogs; Dog Star Daily and puppy parties. Some maintain you must be dominant over your dog(s) as a pack leader would be, the Dunbars discuss that idea. We even discuss Belgium beers and macaroni.

The Dunbars even answer a question from you steve@petworldradio.net

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