Trio Animal Foundation Celebrates One Dog, Who Inspired Saving Countless More

Trio Animal Foundation Celebrates One Dog, Who Inspired Saving Countless More
By keeping one dog alive, Sue Naiden saved so many others.

On Friday, July 29, the Trio Animal Foundation will be throwing their namesake dog - Trio, a surprise 10th birthday party. Well, it's only a surprise if not of her doggy friends have spilled the beans or go on the Trio Facebook page. The party is 6:30-10 pm at Moonshine, 1824 W. Division St.

In their relatively short history, Trio has funded for life saving procedures for many individual animals, and has been a guardian angel at the Animal Welfare League of Chicago, helping to pay for outdoor dog runs and much much more at the often forgotten about facility.

Sue Naiden, Trio Animal Foundation Co-Founder authored the following:

"Trio came into my life when she was only 3 months old and it was one of the best days of my life.

When I met Trio, they brought her out to me wrapped up like a little baby and I held her in my arms. Baby Trio proceeded to crawl out of her blanket and up to my shoulder where she nibbled on my earlobe. It was at that moment that she won me over.

The beginning of Trio’s life was a sad one. Trio had been used as bait and had her back leg bitten off. She was found dragging herself down a gang-ridden hallway of the Robert Taylor Homes on the south side of Chicago. A young girl saw Trio, snatched her up and rushed her to a vet. Trio was only given a 10% chance to live.

Trio not only survived this injury but also gangrene and mange. This little peanut, who fit in a shoebox, beat all of the odds.

My female boxer, Reagan, watched over Trio like she was her own puppy. Reagan cared for Trio when she was sick and cleaned her wounds when she was healing. Reagan never left Trio’s side and now Trio does the same for other sick and homeless animals. Trio watches over all of my foster dogs until they are healthy enough to find forever homes.

To see the smile that is always on Trio’s face would melt the coldest of hearts. I have never crossed paths with such a beautiful soul that makes everybody smile and brings comfort to the sick and injured. Trio was definitely put on this earth with a purpose.

My Trio and everything that she represents was the inspiration for the Trio Animal Foundation. Because of Trio, hundreds of homeless animals have received the medical attention that they needed and have found forever homes.

It is getting harder and harder for Trio to get around nowadays and I fear that this may be her last birthday. I would love for everybody to come out and celebrate her life with us while she is still here. After you meet Trio you will never be the same. She is like a beacon of light that warms you from within. She is truly a gift from above."

May I add Sue and her co-founder Jill Cahr aren't so bad either.

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