Pit Bull Saves Air Force Veteran from Suicide

Pit Bull Saves Air Force Veteran from Suicide
Cheyenne with U.S. hero, veteran Dave Sharpe

I don't care what my critics say, and I have no data to support this...While all dogs are loyal, Pit Bull-type dogs somehow excel in that department. I am aware of the negative press....but few are aware of the positive press - decades and decades of it, before the dogs were exploited. Here's just one more example:

U.S. Air Force veteran Dave Sharpe was able to physically survive two near-death experiences in Pakistan and then in Saudi Arabia, but psychologically was not doing so well once he returned home, and nearly didn't survive. His six-month old Pit Bull Cheyenne licked Sharpe's ear, and somehow brought him back from the brink of near death. At the time, Sharpe had a pistol pointed into his mouth. The New York Daily News reported, "She came up from behind me and licked my ear," says Sharpe. "And she gave me this look of, 'What are you doing man, who's going to sleep in your bed. Listen, if you take care of me; I'll take care of you."

Sharpe added, "Before I met her, I was a wreck," he said of Cheyenne. "I was out of control, I would start fights for no reason." Of course, any dog might have achieved this really, from a Pomeranian to a Poodle, though I wasn't surprised it was a Pit Bull.


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    Wow, imagine if that country would've placed a bad on pits before this!
    I am soooo glad to see positive news about pits! I'm working on a "breed bans will never work" report and this is a perfect example of a "dangerous dog" (sheesh I hate that people ate stereotyping breeds this way) being the COMPLETE OPPOSITE.

  • In reply to Amanda Panda:

    If I can help with the report, or moreover promote it once completed - feel free to contact me.

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