Kittypalooza to benefit Tree House Cats

Kittypalooza to benefit Tree House Cats

You'll get wet at this year's Kittypalooza rock concert to benefit Tree House Humane Society. The rock party is also a pool party. Not sure how many cats would approve of a benefit involving water...Entertainment features, Thunder Bay. Sample their kitty beach music HERE.

The pool party is Saturday, July 23, 7  p.m. (to about 10:30), at Chicago's historic Edgewater Beach Apartments, 5555 North Sheridan Road (parking is at nearby t St. Andrew's Greek Church at 5649 N. Sheridan Rd.)

Entry includes snacks, Drinks, pool and locker room access, and a variety of games (warning: you may get wet). With the weather we've been having, a pool party sounds pretty refreshing.

Adults 21 and over are $25, and those 20 years old and under are $10. Register HERE for Kittypalooza.


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