Hazel: The Story of an Unexpected Dog Adoption

I walked into the Animal Welfare League of Chicago with Jill Cahr of the Trio Animal Foundation, and walked out with....a new friend.



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    OMC (oh my cat)...Hazel certainly has to join us with large ears on Frootbat Fridays, hahameow! This just make my Saturday night...talk about heartwarming! Yay for all involved!!

  • Teri - not sure what you mean....but ok

  • Hi Steve,
    I saw, in time, your Facebook notice that you had an announcement to make ... so I listened to your radio broadcast and announcement about Hazel. It is wonderful to see the photos of your newest family member! She is adorable, and I hope is quickly learning how very blessed and special she is to have found a home with you and Robin. I look forward to lots more photos of Hazel and Ethel. Congratulations!!!
    Stephanie in Montreal

  • Hi Stephanie - honored to have you listen, and read my blog. Thank you.

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    What a great story! I love Hazel, too! I can totally see why you would be attracted to her. I had a similiar experience with my Chi mix, Atticus. I saw him at an adoption fair all by himself, scared and curled up in a ball in a cage. I couldn't stop thinking about him. Long story short, he is now furbrother to Scout and we are thrilled to have him. Here's another great story about successful dog adoption. http://www.ilovedogs.com/2011/12/dumped-for-pottying-too-much-jack-finally-finds-the-right-human/

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