American Veterinary Medical Association Convention in St. Louis

Here are some random shots from the American Veterinary Medical Association Convention in St. Louis, MO July 16 to 19.



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  • Hi Steve,
    Great photos! I think you know how envious I am of your attending vet conferences and seeing/hearing so many of the top veterinary specialists. I was looking at the AVMA Program and thinking of all the talks I would have liked to have attended. I look forward to hearing your reports of the Conference. Thanks again for all the great work you do.
    Stephanie in Montreal

  • In reply to srstephanie:

    I remember meeting you - ever SO briefly - at a conference in Montreal, ACVIM. You were there, then you were gone.

    Hoping sometime we can actually spend some time together - somehow. Thank you for all you do!

  • In reply to Steve Dale:

    Hi Steve,

    I was at the ACVIM in Montreal ... because I live in Montreal, and because of the kindness of the ACVIM who let me attend even though I have no credentials. I felt like a kid being allowed to attend the Oscars ... overwhelmed by seeing all the specialists (including you) that I am in awe of.

    Unfortunately, I can't afford a lot of traveling and since I'm not a vet, it is unlikely other of the large vet CE organizations would let me attend. But if the chance ever arose, I would love to spend some time with you! Let me know if you ever come back to Montreal.

  • Appreciate you guys you are doing a really terrific job.Jen Patrick

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