WGN Radio Petcast: Update on Joplin, Ticks and Pets, Traveling with Pets and Answering Your Questions

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Animals in Joplin still need your help

One of the worst disasters in our nation's
history recently occurred in Joplin, MO. What happened there is sadly no
longer receiving media attention. I'm not sure that's right - the community needs more help now than ever. I caught up with Karen Aquino, executive director of the Joplin Humane Society. She tells me about how the
community is holding up, and about an amazing six-figure gift from the
. And the work the ASPCA and other national groups have done on the ground in Joplin.


Tick Talk with Dr. Ruth MacPete, dogsandticks.com

Every radio show should feature called Tick Talk -- Dr. Ruth MacPete loves
talking ticks. There's a new test to diagnose tick disease (an important
tool since many symptoms of tick disease are vague, like "just seeming
sad"), and also tips on avoiding those suckers sticking it to your dogs
in the first place. Help and information about ticks.

More people are hitting the road with Fido and Fuffy than ever. That's
fine -- but the pets should have proper ID's (including being
microchipped). An astounding number of pets are lost when the family is
traveling, but not recovered because no one knows who they belong to.
Also, Dr. Bernadine Cruz says, you may be going to a place where ticks
are more of an issue than where you live
-- so now tick protection is
needed; or going to a place where the canine influenza virus is common,
so a vaccine is suggested. See your veterinarian before you hit the


Dr. Shannon Greeley of the Chicago Veterinary Medical Foundation, and from the Chicago Veterinary Medical Association Dr. Tracy Hlede

In our promised, "Ask The Vet" segment, from the Chicago Veterinary
Medical Association
, Dr. Tracey Hlede and Dr. Shannon Greeley of the
Chicago Veterinary Medical Foundation
offer answers to your questions.
You can always email your curious pet queries, steve@petworldradio.net.

Real People, Real Pets: Stopping people on the street and asking what is your dog's favorite summer activity?

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