WGN Radio Petcast: Prevent Losing Your Pet, Economic Realities and State Rep. Feigenholtz on Mondog Beach, Aging Pets

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More pets are lost over the Fourth of July holiday than at any time. Gary MacPhee of HomeAgain Pet Recovery says prevention is
best, and offers tips on ways to preclude our pets from disappearing in
the first place. But pets do get lost - though it it is my worst nightmare - and Gary talks about walks to increase recovery.

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Losing a dog is a nightmare so many pet owners have. For most of us that will never happen. If it does happen though, though, with proper ID (tags and microchip) you DO have a good chance of recovery. Without those things - your chances diminish.

The truth is that most pets are more scared than patriotic. I'll offer tips on helping to calm our anxious pets.

Have you noticed the economy isn't doing so great? As a result more and
more people are seriously having a tough time affording veterinary care.
I had a frank conversation with Dr. Michael Moyer, president of the
American Animal Hospital Association about this issue and ways you can
get help for your furry family members when money gets tight.

When it comes to animal welfare law, Illinois is one of the most
progressive states in the nation.

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Illinois State Representative 12th District Sara Feigenholtz

One reason for that is 12th District
Representative Sara Feigenholtz. In a wide ranging conversation, Rep.
Feigenholtz speaks about everything from her own aging cat and end of life issues for pets, to doggy day care centers to the
changes she's made at the dog beach at Montrose Beach (Mondog). She has a passion
for animals!

In our Real People, Real Pets segment we go to the beach -- with our microphone.

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