WGN Radio Petcast: Prevent Heartworm, Positives of Animal Assisted Therapy, Chicago's Most Talented Dogs


Dr. Sheldon Rubin on WGN Petcast

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I've never seen anyone get so
excited about heartworm disease. In fact, I get a little worried. Dr. Sheldon Rubin, who at this point
has his own radio fan club, talks about heartworm prevention and reveals
new data. Listen, and I guarantee (or your money back) you will learn
about heartworm disease from the past President of the American Heartworm Society.

The benefits of human/animal interactions are well documented. Still, there isn't enough good science.

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Pfizer Animal Health and American Humane Association team up to study animal assisted therapy for children with cancer

Pfizer Animal Health
has announced a ground-breaking study to learn more about how children
with cancer benefit from animal assisted therapy
, and even how their
family's and the medical professional involved might benefit as well.
Dr. Michael McFarland, Group Director of
Veterinary Medical Services at Pfizer announces this ground-breaking
study in conjunction with the American Humane Association.

Speaking of animal assisted therapy,


Lucy Fund, American Humane Association, www.americanhumane.org/lucy

I talk about the Lucy Fund with the American Humane Association, which I set
up to honor our dog, Lucy, who passed away in mid-May. Lucy was an
animal assisted therapy dog for half her life
, and the fund supports and
promotes heroic animal assisted therapy efforts.

If your dog has talent, listen up! I spoke with Rich Seng about his contest for the most talented dogs in Chicago - Chicago's Best Friend.

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