Is Being Drunk an Excuse for Animal Cruelty?

Man's best friend, meet your worst enemy.

Oddly, this story covered nationally - like at more than in Chicago.  A Chicago man was charged with felony animal cruelty after police caught him conducting a 'surgical procedure' on his dog while he was drunk.

Stewart Gibbs.jpg

Stewart Gibbs

Police indicated Stewart Gibbs,
44, was apparently obviously drunk, and covered in blood when they showed up to
his West Loop apartment on Sunday June 19 at 10 p.m.

let the officers into his place, where they spotted blood on the floor
and walls, and found a large black Doberman with a gash in his head,
police. Gibbs claimed he is a cardiologist and he was trying to remove a cyst from under the dog's ear.

State records show no record that Gibbs' is a doctor.

Gibbs was arrested, and the dog was taken to Chicago Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Care Center. Gibbs relinquished custody of the animal, who was stitched up and then given to Chicago Animal Care & Control. The dog is reportedly doing well upon intake to the facility, and according to reports has a nice temperament.

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