FIP Awareness Day

Why not? I am proclaiming June 23 FIP Awareness Day! FIP (feline infectious peritonitis) has up until now be an absolutely hopeless diagnosis - usually happening to kittens (which makes it even more heartbreaking). On June 23, the Winn Feline Foundation 33rd Annual Feline Symposium features Dr. Al Legendre, professor of Internal Medicine & Oncology, Small Animal Clinical Sciences and Dr. Niels Pedersen, SOCK FIP, director Veterinary Genetic Laboratory University of California, Davis. These legends in veterinary medicine will announce new breakthroughs, and more potential breakthroughs - finally.

Here's Dr. Susan Little, feline veterinarian and past president of the Winn Feline Foundation, offering the '101' on FIP. Tickets are sold out, but content from the symposium will be made available and announced soon, very likely an audio podcast will be available at no fee.


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  • Having lost a kitten to this myself I'm all about this awareness day! Great Article Steve, you were right it's heartbreaking! I'm sharing!

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  • Hi Steve,

    I will be at the Symposium in spirit and in my thoughts ... wishing so much that I could be there to hear it in person. A million thanks to you and Winn for planning on recording it for those of us that just can't make the trip. I look forward to your reports of the Symposium soon ... and will be eagerly and anxiously awaiting the recording to hear it. With a disease that has only been bad news for so many years ... how exciting to finally hear that there is some progress and hope for the future! Thank you for all your work to help educate and help increase the awareness of so many pet owners about FIP!

  • I am axiously awaiting a pod cast of the event. Please feel free to post a link on the SOCKFIP Yahoo Group. Thanks to you and Winn for putting the spotlight on Feline Infectious Peritonitis. The movement is gaining great momentum, thanks to you putting it in the media and continuing to bring attention to this incurable and heartbreaking disease. Heightened awareness is helping bring the much needed financial support to allow our most talented researchers do the work to find an end to FIP. In gratitude,
    Carol Horace (SOCK FIP)

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