Saluting Military Dogs

After June 1, you can vote for Hero Dogs to win Hero Dog Awards....Here are some nominees in the Military Working Dog Category (you can still nominate Hero Dogs through the end of May). Military working dogs have saved thousands of lives, as I wrote about here. These dogs have devoted their lives to our nation. Today, science is demonstrating that to some extent these dogs know this, they are emotionally invested in what they do and the soldiers they stand side-by-side with. They care as much about us as we should all care about them. God Bless them.



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  • Legend says the two military dogs that accompanied Seal Team Six on the Bin Laden can crap thunder and piss lightning and also have the ability to breathe through oxygen masks, make HALO/HAHO jumps with the soldiers, and sport titanium teeth...basically super dogs.

  • The bond of trust and loyalty that today's soldiers share with their dogs is much the same as the bond that joined the dogs and soldiers of the American Civil War. Although there was no formal military program for the use of war dogs at that time, countless numbers of dogs accompanied soldiers in Blue and Gray, and earned the soldiers' undying affection and respect. Some dogs served as guards or messengers, but most were mascots and companions, and they served to raise soldiers' spirits at one of the bleakest times in our nation's history. You can learn a bit about these remarkable dogs here:

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