American Humane Association Launches Lucy Fund

Robin and I were touched when Robin Ganzert, president and CEO of the American Humane Association agreed to launch a fund named for Lucy, our dog who passed away on May 2,

For half her life Lucy worked as an animal assisted therapy dog; you can read about Lucy's skills as an animal assisted therapy dog.

The Lucy Fund will help support and promote animal assisted therapy and a award will be named for our Lucy at the upcoming Hero Dog Awards. I hope those who support animal assisted activities consider supporting the Lucy Fund

Here is Lucy's story in pictures; she was more than a loving companion to my wife Robin and myself, she touched many lives. We know there are people who  who still talk about the funny little dog who helped them in their stay at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago.  



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  • Hi Steve,

    I'm so sorry to hear about Lucy. We fellow pet lovers understand the grief and pain of losing a furry family member. Thanks for sharing the photos and story of Lucy. The tears flowed as I felt the love you had/have for her and the love she shared with you and so many. And, of course it brings back the goodbyes I've had to say to my beloved puppies and kitties over the years. But, you know I'm a nun, and I firmly believe we will one day be reunited with our furry companions, never to be parted again. May the memories of the joy and love you shared with Lucy over the years bring you comfort and peace in the midst of your sorrow. She was very blessed to have lived her life in the love of your family.

    Stephanie in Montreal

  • In reply to srstephanie:

    Thank you...I know...I wish I could believe we will be reunited...I hope to not find out too soon....

    Thank you for all you do - hoping to see you at the FIP symposium!

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