WGN Radio Petcast: Pawz For Japan, Happy Birthday Dr. Fisher, Dr. Susan Little on FIP and Gas Chambers Still Being Used in Some Shelters

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Chicago is the first city to host a major fundraiser for Japanese pets

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Chicago musician Tokiko Takeuchi is doing something about the plight
of pets in Japan. She talks about a benefit concert - which I will host - she's organized
for April 30 at the Drake Hotel (140 E. Walton St.),  The concert stars many famous Chicago Symphony Orchestra and Lyric Opera musicians and performers,
as well as several student musicians. More details on this blog post, and at Pawz for Japan.

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A few years back with Dr. Lester Fisher

Dr. Lester Fisher is a Chicago icon.

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Now, 90-years old, he reminisces
about his early days at the Lincoln Park Zoo, reveals the truth about
Ray Rayner and Chelveston the duck, and talks about famous zoo
gorillas, including Bushman. And he still serves on the Board of Directors at the Anti Cruelty Society (who is also honoring Dr. Fisher).

Not a topic I talk about often enough, that's euthanasia by injection.
Doug Fakkema is a world renowned expert on euthanasia. We talk about how
in some places, two antiquated methods are still being used end life for shelter
animals, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide poisoning. These methods
would never be accepted in practice for veterinarians to use on our
pets, so why are some shelters allowed to get away with this? The American Humane Association offers more information about euthanasia by injection.


The Winn Feline Foundation Symposium in June features two superstar
veterinarians, Dr. Niels Pedersen and Dr. Al Legendre, both discussing
the latest on feline infectious peritonitis (FIP). Dr. Susan Little,
feline veterinarian and past president of the Winn Feline Foundation
says finally, there's some hope, and some good news. The symposium is
open to the public. Learn more here (and reservations are required).

Real People, Real Pets: I ask random folks on the street, "How do your pets feel about the rain?"

Email question of the week: A listener moved in with her boyfriend, and
now his cat sleeps with her, waking her overnight. What can she do?
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Animal News: Training a cow to jump over a hurdle. And why would you train a cow to jump over a hurdle?

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