There's a Dog War Going On


Facebook pages have been set up to petition against this application

Dog fighting isn't a game, and it's not a sport - it's a felony, and a crime of horrific nearly unspeakable violence.


I have so many issues with the app - one is the way which dogs are abused in the game, and another the way myths about Pit Bull type dogs are further accentuated. Here's the truth - they can be the best family dogs on the planet.

The idea that a telephone app game glorifies dog fighting is abhorrent to me. It's an Android application called Dog Wars (developed by Kage Games LLC).

Worse - while meant for players with "high maturity," there's nothing stopping children from downloading. Of course, was pointed out on my Facebook page, someone with high maturity would never be interested in wasting time in this manner.

I downloaded the app - and in my opinion, it celebrates fighting dogs and all the corresponding cruelty.

Mike McConnell, WGN Radio.jpg

Mike McConnell, WGN Radio

I believe it should be taken off the market. And that's what I'll be talking about tomorrow (April 26) 11:05 AM CDT with Mike McConnell, at WGN Radio (720 AM or click here to listen online). (Likely you can call in - and you can comment too!)

I admit the argument isn't black and white...the overwhelming majority who have read my previous blog post about the app, and who commented on my Facebook Fan Page or emailed privately do agree with me, others contend the gamers have a right to free speech. And as horrible as dog fighting is, there are lots of games out there which people shoot one another. It should be an interesting discussion.


What really happens in dog fights...and, of course, it can get much worse than this.

It seems now there is an online Dog War - on one side, my blog post and this blog post by Sloane Quealy-Miner on BSL News, and dozens of other posts, and Facebook petition pages with countless signatures at this point. Even the head of the Los Angeles Police Protective League, Paul M. Weber, is speaking out. This is from L.A. Now:

It's sickening, absolutely sickening," Weber said. "They should take it
down immediately. These animals are defenseless. It's absolutely the
wrong message to send to our children."

Dr. Randall Lockwood, senior vice president of ASPCA Forensic Sciences and Anti-Cruelty Projects also weighs in.  "Anything that in any way appears to promote or condone the serious, violent crime of dog fighting is cause for concern," he says. "This 'game' comes at a time when public outrage and law enforcement concern about dog fighting is at an all-time high, and the public should make this outrage known to those who promote it."

On the other side of the war, so far, Android (owned by
Google) isn't pulling the App. And, it could be, Dog Wars is profiting
from the publicity. 


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  • My feeling is anger and disgust. And it's concerning that children or teens could be downloading this, as it's not restricted by age I assume. I will absolutely side with free speech, banning video games in the United States violates rights, both to free speech and to profit and business. BUT to my "free speech" crowd out there-- this is not about legally banning; and there is some precedent on this, Apple has banned apps, including one called "baby shaker" where you'd shake a baby to quiet it, banned due to distasteful and sick nature. I don't know of any banned video games (by law), only ones that have been edited or marked for adults only. However, that does not mean Android shouldn't pull the app, they are a company free to make their own decisions. I would be very happy if Android (Google) decided to voluntarily pull this app. It is VERY unfortunate that this only brings them more publicity and downloads, ie. profits.

    Once again, different than banning it by law, it's as simple as customers and public speaking out and saying "Hey, this is distasteful, violent, and we don't want the app available!". I don't play video games, but I know of Grand Theft Auto- where you pick up hookers then beat them and stomp on them on the ground, shoot people, shoot cops, beat people into a pile of blood, rob banks, and steal cars. These *games* are deemed ok for adults to play. As much as we morally disagree with the purveyors of these games, it is their right to make profits, and your right to not buy them. If you want true freedom for all, you can't lose your head over things, no matter how much they disgust you. We can all ask Android to pull the app, and hopefully they make that choice. Ultimately we know it's up to parents and responsible people to educate children and teens, NOT a game company's responsibility, but we all know how that reality differs.

  • In reply to NoMorePuppyStores:

    I mostly agree - not matter, I appreciate the post. Very well thought out.

    Surprising, MANY posted on Facebook pages or privately emailed comments....few here. I don't know why

  • In reply to NoMorePuppyStores:

    I had to register to leave a comment, maybe thats part of the reason for fewer comments, Steve. Without a doubt this app should get snagged off the market, not even a question in my mind. Another moneymaker demented demons to profit on the suffering of others, be it man or beast to create and focus on sick addictive behaviour that will manifest in actual abuse of dogs!!!
    Mormon quote comes to minds from Dallin H. Oakes, he wrote, " quote also seeks to deceive us about right and wrong and persuade us that there is no such thing as sin. This detour typically starts off with what seems to be only a small departure. . . . What all of these departures What all of these departures have in common is that each of them is addictive. Addiction is a condition in which we surrender part of our power of choice. When we do that we give the devil power over us."
    Violence begets always, Ann Marie

  • In reply to NoMorePuppyStores:

    I got the app to see what this whole thing was about. The game falls miserably short. I'm talking about the gaming itself. It freezes and lags. It's just not a good product. This will be the ultimate reason why this game will fail. The market will realize this and break it. In terms of the dog fighting argument, I can see both sides. It's an incredibly offensive game plot, but I'm also cognizant of free speech rights. What we need are much harsher dog fighting laws, better state's attorneys who request higher bails, and judges who aren't afraid to deliver the correct sentencing guidelines. That's the tough part, not trying to get this genie back into the bottle.

  • In reply to NoMorePuppyStores:

    I agree Steve, there are lots of apps out there where people kill other people, steal cars, play war, etc. But "people" have a choice, to play the game and even a choice to preform those actions in real life. Dogs have no choices. They depend on us for not only their basic needs but for their very life. This game promotes everything we fight against as pet owners. Pits get a bad rap anyway but the truth is dog fighting includes all breeds. And agree with gwill....we need harsher dog fighting and animal cruelty laws. At the federal level. AND....have to throw this out there....can you imagine the uproar if they created a game where Michael Vick was mauled/maimed/killed by pits? You'd have thousands of football fans condemning the "card carrying PETA members". And thanks for all you do for the dogs Steve....I've never met a pit I didn't love.

  • In reply to KimDee:

    Kim, thank you so much....interesting point, all the national animal welfare groups have come out against the game....PeTA interestingly, to my knowledge, has not. Maybe I just didn't get their release. I LOVE your idea for a game, have Michael Vick mauled...actually, I wouldn't be for that either. But you sure made me smile.

    @Gwill, I thought it was my own lack of game playing skills...maybe it is the game which is stagnant. You are right, if the product is bad - ultimately people won't purchase. I am worried that all the pr actually is helping these folks.

    @PetsLuvPetCare - thanks for your post. I think it's a pain to register on blogs as well, but once your are registered, now you can comment (I believe) anytime. It's true, we know violence begets violence.

  • In reply to SteveDale:

    PETA HAS come out against the Android dog fighting games (also one by Mafia Wars that features dog fighting). As of Apr.22. Just look at the PETA site.

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