There is No Longer An App for Everything

Our voices have apparently been heard....


from all the blog postings (including my own I hope)....cries from national animal welfare groups....even Michael Vick getting into the act, the Los Angeles Police Department and various other voices....the dog fighting "game" application called Dog Wars (Kage Games LLC) has apparently been pulled from the Android Market.

I read a blog post indicating the app was pulled. Then I Googled for more, and my own ChicagoNow post was at the top of the list - gratifying but that doesn't answer the question.

So, I simply went on my Android device and searched for the App - according to my Android search Dog Wars does not exist!

pit bull.jpg

I am grateful the app Dog Wars was apparently pulled but it's bothersome there would be interest in a dog fighting app in the first place, and that Android accepted it in the second place.


I don't know anything more. I will say the website describing the game (as of this moment)  remains alive. Maybe the game's designer's have hopes of relaunching somewhere. Certainly they received more free press than most apps dream of.

By the way, I have heard all sorts of rumors about the game's developers. I have no idea what's true or not true.

Of course, Android did the right thing. Supporting graphic depictions of violence to people is bad enough - but I realize their are countless games out there which people shoot at one another, and drive one another over....I'm not sure that's a good thing...but dogs can't respond. And the depiction here of Pit Bull is worthy of response.. It's just plain wrong. How does that matter? Well, dogs die every day as a result. Breed bans are enacted as a result of these mistaken notions which have taken hold in popular culture.

Also, I worry - the description of "training" dogs in the app might be something children would have tried. It's cruel, and might cause a dog to bite in response. Never mind, the lesson in violence children would get playing this game. That's the thing - dog fighting is depicted as a sport or a game, but not the unthinkably cruel felony it is.

Is this a victory? I don't know. Sadly dog fighting is still not taken seriously everywhere. For sure, it's no game, and should never be trivialized or glamorized. 


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  • Yay!

  • Unfortunately, if you look at the actual page of the app, the developers say that it's going to be put back up. I heard that were some copyright issues going on. Guess we all jumped the gun with this one - including myself.

  • Well, see Deeva - help me keep an eye on it - and we'll keep the pressure on, if need be.

  • It would be great if the major book store chains and would stop selling books, videos and magazines that promote dogfighting. When I cancelled my Amazon account and Amazon credit card years ago, I was told by Amazon that if there is a market for it, they will keep selling materials about anything people want, whether it is promoting criminal activity or not, like dogfighting. Unfortunately there are thugs and low-life, sick-minded individuals who still engage in this disgusting blood 'sport'.

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