Pawz for Japan, A Benefit to Help Pets

The horrific events which occurred in Japan were on the front page....As it should have been...but while U.S. news cycle moved on, Japan has not.

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It turns out they need our help now more than ever!

Chicago musician Tokiko Takeuchi, an animal lover, couldn't sit back and do nothing. She has organized a concert to help the animal victims of the recent events in Japan, called Pawz for Japan.

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Pets are part of the family in Japan - where the family structure means everything. People in shelters are not allowed to take their animals; in many places they are tied up outside. The animal shelters are bursting, and are asking for help. Well, you can help.

This one-night only event is April 30 at the Drake Hotel. Pretty swanky....Musicians include members of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, and the Lyric Opera Chorus (not so shabby). Not to mention several young musicians - the superstars of tomorrow from Chicago area music schools. All performers are donating their time and services. There will be a silent auction.

Tickets for this special evening range from $30 to $75 (click HERE for tickets). The concert is in the Grand Ballroom of the Drake Hotel (140 E. Walton Pl). Pre-concert events begin at 6 p.m. The concert starts at 7 p.m.
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Performers include:
Yuki Asada, soprano
Bryan Shilander, piano                                     
Tokiko Takeuchi, violin
Lyle Nicholson, baritone
Brenda Huang, piano
Toki Takeuchi, soprano
Tage Larsen, trumpet
Adrian Speyrer, trumpet
Shiho Toyonaga, viola
Mamiko Yasuda-Larson, trumpet/piano
Eriko Shibata, trumpet

Young performers include:
Seri Lee, cello
Kyle Jannak-Huang, piano
Ryan Jannak-Huang, piano

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