Paws for Japan: Please Support this Benefit Concert to Help Animal Victims in Japan

Pawz for Japan is a benefit held April 30 to raise money for the pets and their families in Japan. The need is overwhelming.

Many after the disaster asked to help. Japan's officials didn't know the answer - now organizations are seeking help. Please help if you can.

This is a concert at the Drake Hotel, starring young performers as well as outstanding professionals from the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and Lyric Opera. All are participating to help. See details on the Pawz for Japan website, and/or my previous blog post.

It's very affordable - and please don't wait until the last moment when tickets will be gone. I post this to show you what motivated music instructor and perofmrer Tokiko Takeuchi to organize the benefit. It's this YouTube video of a dog being swept away by the Tsunami. She thought about the people who were swept away, but the pets that survive. Where do they go? And all the pets who are now homeless because homes were destroyed, and animals are not being allowed in shelter. (You can hear me interview Tokiko HERE)

I am told with this special code, readers of this blog can get a ticket discount: PETWORLDVIP

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