WGN Petcast: Animal Welfare League of Chicago, Scanning Pets for Microchips, All Pets Wellness and Clipping Nails

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Listen to this WGN Radio Petcast.

Unsung heroes - that's Chicago Animal Welfare League. Because they accept SO many strays and unwanted animals, they take a huge toll off Chicago Animal Care and Control (CACC).

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Jill Cahr and Diane Spyrka

I can't imagine what our city would be without them. Yet, unlike CACC they receive zero money from the city. We need to support them! Please listen to this interview, and help if you can (with time and/or money).

Diane Spyrka, Wabash Shelter Manager and Jill Cahr, co-founder vice president of Trio Animal Foundation tell the truth about what's going on in Chicago.

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Hope in December

You'll also hear about Hope. She arrived emaciated at the Animal Welfare League emaciated in December.

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Hope (renamed Tumaini) today...and available for adoption

There was something about this dog, and Diane just couldn't euthanized...Hope received care, and survived. The fact that she survived, astounding....Today, she needs a home. Hear her story; and read about Hope here.

For years, I've spoken about the importance of microchipping, but
equally as important is registering with the microchip provider, and
insuring that lost pets are appropriately scanned for a chip. I'm glad there's pending legislation to insure pets are checked twice for a microchip, and talked about that with Michele Kasten, vice president of the
Illinois Federation of Dog Clubs and Owners.


Mary Ann Minnick, All Pets Wellness Foundation

The All Pets Wellness Foundation, based in the Chicago area, is all
about helping senior, sick and injured pets who can not afford
treatment. I had to travel to a veterinary conference in Las Vegas, but caught up there with Mary Ann Minnick.

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Is it possible to convince pets to like, or at least tolerate this?

Take out the clippers - and your pet may flee to another county. Acclimating to nail cutting, the topic with applied animal behaviorist Dr. Sophia Yin, author of "Low
Stress Handling, Restraint and Behavior Modification for Dogs and Cats."

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