Most Popular Pedigreed Cats

As the Labrador Retriever is the most popular dog breed in America (according to American Kennel Club registration statistics), the Persian is our most popular pedigreed cat. Here are the Top-10 cat breeds, according to the Cat Fanciers' Association.



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  • Hi Steve,

    I wish the slide show had included CFA's newest breed ... i.e. the RagaMuffin (the breed of my kitty). They were accepted at the CFA Annual Meeting at the beginning of February this year, as a full Championship breed. They will be allowed to show beginning with the new show year on May 1st.

    The RagaMuffin breed has been around since 1994 when it was first registered in ACFA (and became a championship breed there in 2001). The journey in CFA began in 2003. While RagaMuffins share some common ancestry with the Ragdoll, the two breeds went their separate ways when the Ragdoll breeders split off from the founder, Ann Baker, in the early 1970's. Muffins have the same "flop" gene ... my kitty absolutely amazes me the way she goes completely limp when I pick her up and flip her on her back. Muffins have been bred with slightly different head and body structure than the Ragdolls. And while RagaMuffins come in the same pointed colors (though CFA will only allow the pointed Muffins to be registered, but not shown) ... they also come in all colors and patterns ... solids, tabbies, minks, sepias, etc. My Muffin also has the most incredibly soft, dense and luxurious coat. It is moderate in length with a big bushy tail and never mats. I can't stop running my hands through it ....

    I remember recently a lot of publicity when the AKC accepted several new breeds of dogs. I wish the same media coverage was given to newly accepted breeds of cats. Though Muffins have been around for 17 years in ACFA (and has been the featured breed profile in Cat Fancy 3 times), most of N America seems to look to CFA for the list of accepted breeds.

    As always, thanks for your wonderful advocacy of felines in a canine centered media. :-)

    Stephanie in Montreal

  • There is no such thing as a "flop" gene. When you breed for temperament, you reproduce it. I'm surprised you would buy into this.

    CFA is the largest feline registry in the world, which is why they are looked to as the experts. There are many, many breeds which CFA does not recognize, including a Constitutional provision that forbids wild hybrids, both for the protection of the domestic and the wild cat being used. CFA is to cats as AKC is to dogs, and I don't expect nor want AKC to accept every doodle hybrid or wolf-dog hybrid that comes down the pike.

    Ragamuffins have been advanced to Championship status in CFA, which was a major milestone I would have guessed its breeders would be celebrating, not lamenting. My superminority breed never gets profiled or makes these lists, but I wouldn't post solely to complain about their exclusion. Instead it means that I and others must do more to promote it - in and out of CFA.

  • In reply to Alene:

    Hi Sinend,

    Maybe I shouldn't have posted publicly since people like you do not know me ... whereas Steve is a friend that I know from other lists and private correspondence. I think (hope) he knows I wasn't complaining in anger ... but rather teasing him a little. Actually, I don't know if Steve created the group of photos or if he is just linking to it elsewhere.

    Steve also knows me well enough to know that my referring to a "flop gene" was not intended to be scientific. I know basic genetics and such personality characteristics are generally thought to be a result of various polygenes ... that result in a temperament that breeders can selectively breed for. There is probably an element of nature and nurture involved ... but most breeders will acknowledge that there is an aspect of personality that seems to be inherited since certain cats tend to produce certain personality characteristics in their offspring. Both Ragdolls and RagaMuffins have a personality characteristic, that is bred for, in which they tend (though not all do) to completely relax and go limp when picked up. My comment was only meant to be a "cute" way of sharing my amazement at my kitty's characteristic of going "limp" when I pick her up ... which is much different than my previous cats that were not RagaMuffins. Sorry you took that as a scientific statement.

    I don't know what your comments about "hybrids" has to do with my post about RagaMuffins. RagaMuffins are not a hybrid breed and have no connection at all to any wild cats. We are a simple domestic breed of cat that came out of Ann Baker's breeding program in California in the 1960's ... which originated with the local street cats (one reason for our name, "RagaMuffin" to indicate a lovable street urchin). I have no problems with CFA not accepting hybrid breeds.

    I don't know where you got the impression that RagaMuffin breeders were lamenting our advancement in CFA. They are all greatly rejoicing. It was only because of a major effort of ALL the RagaMuffin breeders this past year that we were able to be advanced (by the way, I'm just a simple pet owner and not a breeder). If I remember correctly, the year before, RagaMuffins had the infamous position of being in last place in terms of numbers of cats registered in CFA. It was a major turnaround because the breeders felt it was time to push for advancement in CFA. They are not "lamenting" something they worked so hard for. They are rejoicing at the success of all of their efforts and work ... which required all of them to work together (including spending a lot of money to register cats and get to shows ... in a time of a difficult national economy). They are certainly rejoicing in the outcome, and are anxiously awaiting the new show year so that they can show their Muffins with the other accepted breeds.

    My purpose in posting was not to complain about being excluded from the slide show ... but rather to draw attention to the RagaMuffin as CFA's newest breed accepted in championship. I merely wanted to share the news and share our rejoicing at being included as a recognized, full championship breed in CFA ... and let others know about them.

    Guess I didn't do a very good job because you completely misread what I intended to say and do. Sorry about that. I trust that Steve knows I wasn't upset at the omission ... but only wanted to use it as an opportunity to share the news of the RagaMuffins. I don't know what your "superminority" breed is (and you just missed an opportunity to name it and get a little more publicity) ... but I would hope that the success of the RagaMuffin breeders would help encourage and inspire you to work towards acceptance of your breed.

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