Let's All Take Over the Internet with Adopted Pets


Our Petfinder.com dog, Ethel

Be ready - tomorrow the Internet will be taken over. World domination by a super power!

Adopted pets!

Petfinder.com and adopted pets take over the Internet on Tuesday March 15.

petfinder takover.jpg

Petfinder.com is celebrating 15 years, and as I write in my first blog post for the American Humane Association as National Ambassador, Petfinder.com has changed the shelter world, not to mention finding homes for 17 million pets.

On Tuesday, March 15, I hope people participate by simply posting photos of their adopted pets as their Facebook profile picture, and write about their adopted pets on Twitter, Facebook, in memos to their bosses - wherever they can. It's a day to celebrate pet adoption, and Petfinder.com.

Read more about Petfinder.com, and how it all began. Check out some special pets in urgent need of adoption. 

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