The Complete Cat's Meow, A Conversation with Darlene Arden

Can you tell dog and cat behavior consultant Darlene Arden has been in New England for too long....

clam chowder.jpg

Clam Chowder

She says, a group of cats is a chowder.

cat clowder.jpg

Cat Clowder

Ok, maybe that is not what she says.

But you can listen to my conversation with Darlene. Having authored arguably the definitive book about toy dogs, Small Dogs Big Hearts: A Guide To Caring for Your Little Dog,

The Complete Cat's Meow.jpg

she's authored what might just be a definitive cat book called The Complete Cat's Meow: Everything You Need to Know About Caring For Your Cat.  The interview is a preview, her book isn't even out yet, but you can click on the link to pre-purchase the book on Amazon. And Darlene is always fun to either talk to or sip soup with.

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