Newfoundland Finds Fallen Neighbor

From November 2010 , a Roseville, MN Newfoundland, named Murphy, seemed to be acting out, barking and barking. 



Stephanie Goese thought Murphy was seeing squirrels, according to the story at, and finally allowed her dog out into the yard. Murphy, normally a quiet dog, ran with a purpose to the other side of the yard.

Just like Lassie telling where Timmy is, Murphy was circling, barking, and clearly attempting to say something. Murphy persuaded Stephanie to come to the fence. That's when Stephanie noticed her 95-year old neighbor lying in the garage. The neighbor, it turned out, had fallen. Not being able to get up, and in a very cold garage, it's likely Murphy's observation might have saved the elderly woman's life. Instead, Stephanie - who is a nurse - helped the woman up, and it turned out she was okay.

"Hearing what he did today wasn't a huge surprise," said Stephanie's
husband, Brian Stevenson. "But [it] just kind of makes you proud to
know your dog can do something like that." It's a great story - a Newfoundland saves a life, and water isn't even involved.

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