New Year's Resolutions for Pets

Visitors to my Steve Dale Facebook fan page offered lots of New Year's resolutions for their pets. Here's a sampling:

Beth's Cats 005.jpg

Of course, cats are already 'purrfect' just as they are - and they will tell you so at each opportunity

"Cats don't need resolutions; they already know they're perfect the way they are." -- J.R., Cypress, CA

"We take care of seven rescued cats indoors; two strays in the yard;
11 ex-ferals in a spacious pen with trees, shade and shelter in our
yard. We also care for a feral colony nearby. My resolution for 2011 is
to spend more quiet, loving time with each of these cats, recognizing
and responding to each of their personalities. Some like touch and
physical affection, while others are still too shy or distrustful, but I
can work with them. -- B.K., Wicomico, VA

"My resolution for Beau is that he learn that after 11 p.m. no waking us up to go out until morning!" -- K.T., Chicago, IL

"My cat, Bella's, resolutions are to try to hiss less, relax more,
and play with Bacon (another cat) for longer than five seconds before
getting upset. Bacon's resolutions are: to convince Mom to take me
outside more, convince Bella to play with me more, and do a better job
keeping up with my dental hygiene." -- M.S., Birmingham, AL

fat dog.jpg

Weight is an issue with our pets as much as it is with us, so it's a common and appropriate resolution to lose a few pounds

"I resolve to get my three cats a pet water fountain! They would like
the running water and, selfishly, I would like to stop stepping in
puddles next to their bowl because the littlest one churns the water
with his paw!" -- M.P., Chicago, IL

cat on bed.jpg

Who's bed is it anyway?

"My resolution for Happy (Bengal cat) is for him to learn that he
doesn't own the bed. Just because he can stretch out for two-feet
doesn't mean he needs to do so at night when I'm also trying to sleep.
He's spoiled but I take full blame for that." -- P.S.B., Waterman, IL

"My male Doberman needs to watch his weight, or more accurately, I
need to watch his treats. He has nerve damage in his right leg and needs
to stay lean to help his mobility. I have noticed he's a little heavy
in the butt. So we're both going to diet. -- S.R.C., Downers Grove, IL

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"My goal is to provide at least one enrichment toy or activity for
each of my dogs every day. The dog's love it, and it's fun to see them
enjoy new games and toys.

Kong Wobbler.jpg

Feeding dogs (and cats) from enrichment toys, like the Kong Wobbler isn't only fun but also it is enriching

I've given them a Kong big Wobble Toy,
connecting toys, new soccer ball, and my favorite, the muffin tin with
tennis balls and treats hidden underneath for hide and seek." -- K.S., Broken Arrow, OK

"My resolution for my three cats is to keep my friends from slipping
them people-food. As they enter their senior years, the extra protein is
bad for their kidneys, even if they adore the treats. My cats resolve
to beg even more when we have company." -- A.D., Chicago, IL

"One of my resolutions for my dog, Gunner, is to get him a
Thundershirt to make him feel more secure. His separation anxiety has
gotten worse in the last few months. -- M.P., Chicago, IL

"I plan to take my fearful English mastiff, Zeus, to a mutt mixer
this year. We're lucky to have a Three Dog Bakery in Southlake, TX.
They hold a mutt mixer twice monthly, where dogs and their people
socialize and have snacks Zeus gets very scared in close quarters with
strange people, so he's missed out on all the fun. We've been visiting
the bakery during quieter times weekly, plus Zeus had his first
successful day at a local pet daycare this past week, so we're hopeful
he can handle a mutt mixer. -- D.W, Keller, TX.

dog kiss.jpg

Accepting wet dog kisses, not a tough resolution to keep

"I want to figure out how to make my cat comfortable while he fights
heartworm disease. There's a big need for education on heartworm in
general. I'm sad since I could have prevented this, and I'm getting few
answers regarding treatment." -- B.F., Chicago, IL

"Since my little Vixen will be 23 in March, my goal is to make her
remaining time with me as happy and comfortable as I can." -- L.M.T., Neptune Beach, FL

"GG the Aussie and I will start competing in obedience this year,
working toward getting her first title by next year. We're having lots
of fun doing it!" -- D.G., Monterey, CA

I will give my dogs lots of love and kisses before I check the house for pee, poop or destruction." -- Y.L., Atlanta, GA

"I want to spend more time playing with my cats." -- S.H.B., Etowah, TN

cat play.jpg

More time playing with cats, important and fun for all

"I want to do more visits with Connor the therapy dog." -- D.T.M., Richmond, VA

"I want to have my dog, Gypsy, have her nails trimmed." -- T.C.S., Gainesville, GA

"I want to be smarter than my cat." -- B.S., Charlotte, NC



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