Need A Pet: Get a Rat

I recently proclaimed the rat as the best starter pet....the best pet for first time pet owner, kids or adults.

Milton and Orville.jpg

Milton and Orville, recently attended their 'mom's' wedding...They really are members of the family

And boy, did I get the mail. Here's one, "Rats? Are you out of your mind. Go dumpster diving Mr. Pet expert."

Well, I stand by my rat proclamation.

Debbie the rat lady.jpg

Debbie, the rat lady

To learn more about rats, I spoke with Debbie Ducommun, the rat lady on Steve Dale's Pet World. (click to listen)

It turns out rats are surprisingly smart, and even affectionate. I blogged about the recent controversy about sleeping with your pets. I think that's generally fine, however, not sure about sleeping with rats. Check out this email, "Not only are you right about rats - I know I've had at least 40 in my life. I sometimes even sleep with a pet rats."  My response: "I hope you don't roll over."

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