WLS Podcast, Steve Dale Celebrates Year of the Cat

Listening back, my favorite 890-AM WLS Petcasts in 2010, this installment celebrates cats, and was recorded in conjunction with Adopt-A-Cat month.

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Listen here for the cat Petcast.

At this time CATegorical Care (which I wrote with Beth Adelman and Amy Shojai) was released by the American Humane Association in conjunction with the CATalyst Council.

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It turns out CATegorical Care won an Award from the Cat Writer's Association for Best Humane Education Publication and a Special Award form Petfinder.com.

Download your free CATegorical Care copy here.

I begin our celebration of cats with with Dr. Jane Brunt, executive director of the CATalyst Council
and Debra Schnackenburg,, vice president Emergency Services American Humane Association.

Rohde, past president of the Society of Animal Welfare Administrators
and CEO President of the Denver Dumb Friends League and Jan
McHugh-Smith, president and CEO of the Humane Society of Pikes Peak and
current SAWA President  discuss the realities of shelter life for cats.
And they talk about how to choose the right shelter cat.


the number one reason why cats die? Veterinary behaviorist Dr. Jacqui
Neilsen addresses what to do if your cats have a problem with their aim,
and begin to have accidents outside the litter box.


cats indoors - definitely safer and healthier for cats, and you'll be a
better neighbor...but cats those indoor cats need an enriched environment.

Dr. Tony Buffington.jpg

Dr. Tony Buffington

In fact, Dr.
Tony Buffington, professor Ohio State University College of Veterinary
Medicine has linked a dull environment to stress and illness in cats, and offers information through the Indoor Pet Initiative.


what do cats need? Patricia L. Wohlferth-Bethke, assistant director in
the Membership and Field Services at the American Veterinary Medical
discusses the subtle signs of illness in cats, feline
heartworm, and that - yuck, even indoor cats can get fleas.

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