WLS Podcast: Pet Books for the Howlidays

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I speak with authors of various books you might consider as holiday gifts for your pet-loving friends.

Greg Kincaid, author of "Christmas with Tucker," which is a prequel  of a book "


Greg Kincaid

A Dog Named Christmas," which was actually made into a TV movie. In a "Christmas with Tucker" not only does Tucker teach life lessons, but there's also a message about tethering dogs.

Dr. Sharon Eisen, co-author "Cat Tales: True Love Stories," who has devoted her veterinary practice to cats, tells true stories of 20 years. One story she talks about is Murray, the scruffy cat without a tail found on the streets. Interestingly, Eisen says sometimes cats who have chronic problems and visit the veterinarian frequently, are "happier" at the vet clinics than other cats. Eisen tells some stories from her book.

"Saving Cinnamon: The Amazing True Story of A Military Puppy and the Desperate Mission to Bring Her Home" is about a soldier who falls in love - with a dog. The author is the sister of a Lt. Commander named Mark Feffer who happened to find a dog in Afghanistan.

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He began to send pictures of the pup home, and the family in the states fell in love with Cinnamon. Christine talks about the importance of these found dogs in Afghanistan, aside from saving the dogs' lives, arguably the dogs make life a whole lot better for our soldiers overseas. Unfortunately, just as Feffer was coming home, Cinnamon mysteriously disappeared. I will just say the story has a happy ending. 
Peg Stilloway, author "Cat Lover's Book of Days."  Every day is for a cat, all 365. some are cats whose names and stories we might care about, others not so much. It must be a day, then it must have cats. One of the interesting facts, Sir Isacc Newton invented the cat flap.

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