The 5 Podcasts Of Christmas: Karen Pryor Queen Of the Clicker

All week long, I look back at some of my favorite WLS-AM Podcasts in 2010.

Karen Pryor on Animal Planet 002.jpg

Karen Pryor with me and one of our cats

Steve Dale Petcast with Karen Pryor: Listen Here

Imagine spending an entire hour with Karen Pryor. Her 2010 release, "Reaching the Animal Mind" is now considered a classic, as was her "Don't Shoot the Dog," which was released first in 1984.

Reaching the Animal Mind.jpg

The book is still in print! My autographed copy is now yellow. I cherish it though, because I so admire this woman.

Karen is one of the most influential trainers of our time, and her methods have proven as successful for dolphins, and as she talks about in our interview - even Oscar fish, horses, and cats as well as for dogs.

I think Karen would approve of the following to sum up her entire dog training theory - using a clicker is using the best of what modern technology has to offer, and communicates what you do want the dog (or any other animal) to do, as opposed to worrying about what you don't want the animal to do.

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