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Final Entry: Five Choice Podcasts of 2010, Betty White and Dr. R.K. Anderson

This podcast is informational, but mostly it’s inspirational. I so SO SO admire how these two folks haven’t lost their fire in their bellies to do good. Both could have retired decades ago, but they choose to persevere to make a difference, and simply because pets are their passion. With the legendary Betty White This... Read more »

I'm Glad the President Spoke Out About Vick: It's Just What He Said That Bothered Me

I understand President Obama’s choice to speak out on Michael Vick. The President reportedly phoned to congratulate Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie for giving the convicted felon a second chance.  President Obama explained that a level playing field rarely exists for prisoners who have completed their sentences. Vick’s success gives all of them hope. And... Read more »

Bar Boycotts Vick, Are they Overdoing It?

For me, Steve Coffman is an animal advocate of the year. Steve Who? Coffman owns Slates Primetime Grille, a sports bar, in Sandpoint, Idaho.  And all through the football season, they’ve boycotted anything having to do with Michael Vick. Slates Prime Time Grill The bar reportedly won’t play Philadelphia Eagles games on their TV’s, or... Read more »

Happy or Angry, Is This Dog Smiling?

In this case, I believe by accident or on purpose the dog was trained to smile with reinforcement (owner’s attentions). Some might be concerned that the dog is angry. This is not an angry dog. 

Another Smiling Dog or Angry Dog, You Decide

Another example, is this dog happy or angry….smiling or grimacing. Or maybe the dog has a dental related issue, if this behavior is new. Personally, I believe the dog is exhibiting what’s called a flehman response to a smell (likely the treat), Curling the upper lip, bringing all the scent possible to the vomeronasal organ.... Read more »

Dog Smiling, or Growling?

Interesting topic among behavior consultants on our Listserve, how some people confuse a dog’s smile with a dog’s grimace and growl. It really happens all the time. 

HSUS Auctioned Off Vick's Press Conference Notes. Are There Two Sides to Vick's Plea to Own a Dog?

I know this happened back in 2007, but I believe it’s relevant to today given Michael Vick’s wishes to get a dog, and the position taken by the Humane Society of the United States. Michael Vick The HSUS auctioned notes from Vick’s first big press conference. This is from AP story from September 6, 2007:... Read more »

Kroger Recalls Pet Foods

Press release on Kroger Pet Food recall:  CINCINNATI, Ohio, December 18, 2010 – The Kroger Co. said today it is recalling select packages of pet food sold in some of its retail stores because the products may contain aflatoxin, which poses a health risk to pets.   Kroger stores in the following states are included in... Read more »

Traveling with Pets, Safety First

More people are traveling with their pets more than ever before. Car manufacturers are even paying attention to safety and comfort – for dogs! Toyota is arguably an industry leader in this regard. Pet friendly Toyota Venza The special Pawssport charter flight, operated by Elgin-based Valley Air Service Inc., caters to pets that travel onboard... Read more »

WLS Podcast: The Michaael Vick Lost Dogs

All this week, I’m highlighting my favorite 890-AM WLS Podcasts of 2010. Click here to listen to author Jim Gorant and legendary behaviorist Stephen Zawistowski of the ASPCA. So, Michael Vick’s been in the news – Vick says getting a dog would help him with his rehabilitation. What about the dogs who were at Vick’s... Read more »