HSUS Auctioned Off Vick's Press Conference Notes. Are There Two Sides to Vick's Plea to Own a Dog?

I know this happened back in 2007, but I believe it's relevant to today given Michael Vick's wishes to get a dog, and the position taken by the Humane Society of the United States.

Michael Vick 3.jpg

Michael Vick

The HSUS auctioned notes from Vick's first big press conference.

This is from AP story from September 6, 2007:

Bids topped $10,000 Thursday on an Internet
auction site for what an animal rights group says are notes from
football star Michael Vick's speech apologizing for a dogfighting

The Humane Society of the United States is
selling on eBay the single-page, six-point outline of the speech Vick
gave at an Aug. 27 news conference in Richmond after pleading guilty in
his dogfighting case.

."Our motive is only to help animals and it would
be something if we can do that through taking the conduct of Michael
Vick and turning it into something positive," said Wayne Pacelle,
president of the Humane Society of the United States

Michael Vick, Wayne Pacelle.jpg

Wayne Pacelle, Michael Vick

Today Mr. Pacelle says, "I don't  believe he should be forever banned from adopting a dog for his two daughters." I concede I am taking Pacelle out of context, so check out Pacelle's Humane Nation blog post and read it all in his words, so no one can question my interpretation.

In Pacelle's defense, he says the money raised in the auction in 2007, and other dollars directly raised related to Vick does go to programs to help combat dogfighting. Who would argue that? Vick did say at that press conference in '07, "Dog fighting is a terrible thing and I do reject it." And on TV recently Vick suggested getting a family dog would help in his rehabilitation, and that his daughter is asking for a dog.

In  his blog Pacelle points outs that Vick has been undergoing weekly psychological counseling for the last
18 months. He's also been speaking out against dogfighting, and in his
public appearances alone he's reaching thousands of young people with a
cautionary tale about dogfighting and animal cruelty. And the young people Vick speaks to do, after all, idolize him (rightly or not). I can talk about issues related to dog fighting, but I obviously would not have any impact, or Pacelle wouldn't compared to Vick.

Then, why doesn't Vick deserve to own a dog?

Well, as many comments on a previous blog post I
wrote on Vick
noted, and in private emails and comments to my
Facebook Fan page
, a pedophile wouldn't be allowed to go anywhere near
children. Is this a fair comparison?

Michael Vick 1.jpg

Micahel Vick

Many judges must think so since frequently dog fighters who are convicted - but don't happen to be star QB's - are never allowed to again have a dog (a position I understood the HSUS to once endorsed, perhaps I am mistaken).

Moreover, is it relevant that Vick only
"confessed," when he had no choice? For a long time, he denied.

What about what poster Caveat Emptor said on a previous blog post I authored on Vick with this comment? "I don't
agree with HSUS using Vick as a spokesperson for anti-dogfighting. It's
like the ACLU hiring an ex-Gestapo Nazi officer to go around and speak
about tolerance, it's just wrong.

are some additional facts - just for your consideration - Vick did not
receive the maximum time. But he could have gotten less time. What he personally
did or didn't do to animals remains in question to this day. He denies some concerning personal 'hands-on' involvement, and says others did much of the real dogfighting so so called training, which is horrific.

Also in question, the exposure of children
(he denies his own children were exposed, he may be telling the truth,
but he hasn't always been honest), and what about the children of others
who participated in dogfighting at Bad Newz Kennels? This remains unknown. In my view, as
reprehensible, cruel and barbaric as dogfighting is - there may be one
thing worse, and that is involving children.

Also, it was the court's
idea to do "community service," according to all accounts, and not
Vick's. And those community service appearances are carefully
orchestrated; after all he is a star quarterback. Call me cynical,
but while I'm sure Vick's daughter may want a dog, getting a dog would
prove to potential sponsors (with big dollars for Vick - and maybe big
dollars for certain non-profits Vick may give money to) that Vick is a new man.

As usual, tell me what you think.


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  • i agree with ALDF: http://www.aldf.org/article.php?id=1561 "Animal abusers pose a very real risk to the community. The seminal study on this issue dates back to work started in 1975 and sustained over more than 20-years (i.e., 1975-1996). In what has proven to be one of the key findings from this long-term study, the Massachusetts SPCA and Northeastern University concluded that those who abuse animals are five times more likely to abuse humans. It is no great leap in logic to draw the conclusion that if an animal abuser is five times more likely to escalate to human victims, then such an offender posses an even greater risk of re-victimizing the same silent population he has already preyed upon. In Mr. Vick

  • In reply to jcegglet:

    I love your comment JC...not only because, you're right....which I will get to - but this comment, like the many others posted on previous postings on Vick (and other topics on my blog as well) as well reasoned. You base what you say based on facts...and I am actually familiar with the study you refer.

    Personally, I doubt Vick is likely to commit another crime anytime soon....but statistically you are right, he is more likely to abuse women or children, or be involved in another felony. I think there's too close a microscope on him, too much money he'd lose, etc. Wonder what others think....

  • In reply to jcegglet:

    So we have:

  • In reply to jcegglet:

    I agree with Steve's perception that Vick does not really want a dog, but wants the favorable public opinion that he believes owning a dog would gain for him. It's rather obvious that Vick is trying to do everything possible to redeem his public image, and thereby his lucrative sponsorships that he lost when the dogfighting related charges were announced. However, while I personally have trouble with the idea that Vick should soon - or even ever - own another dog, I also would shy away from the idea that anyone convicted of any crime involving animals should never again own any animal. I would also not compare pedophilia to dog fighting (or any other animal cruelty), since the two are simply not on the same level, even though ALDF and other animal rights groups would like to have us believe that they are equivalent. Finally, AshleyJohn has some very insightful comments as to where these ideas concerning the child-animal cruelty link originated, and their scientific validity (or lack thereof.) Critical thinking is a skill too little valued in our society. Because it is so lacking, various animal rights groups, such as ALDF, have managed to successfully pass off as "science" information that has little validity, or is downright false. (They are currently trying to do the same with inclusion of "Companion Animal Hoarding" in the upcoming DSM-V book of recognized psychiatric diagnoses). To protect both kids and animals, only the soundest of science should be used, and that means independent investigations which are not authored by and supported by Animal Rights groups.

  • In reply to sedge2000:

    Nicely put, Sedge2000, thank you for posting.

  • In reply to sedge2000:

    Thank you, Ashleyjohn for the fascinating information. You verbalized my thoughts on the subject and provided validation with citations to boot...I greatly appreciate the legwork you have done on this one. Need all the thoughts and comments possible to aid in the fight against the fanatic animal rights movement by the likes of HSUS and PETA. Kudos!

  • In reply to sedge2000:

    I guess I'm just tired of people doing horrible things and then saying "sorry" and having the slate wiped clean. It's kind of like the amount of prisoners that suddenly get religion after being incarcerated only to throw the bible out when they are released.
    I feel badly about Vick's daughter and its tough that she has to pay for what her father did but my answer to him wanting a dog is a resounding "NO"!
    As a person who does canine rescue I have personally seen the fear in the eyes of dogs who have come from abusive situations. It can take years for a dog to get over it. Some never do.

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