Final Entry: Five Choice Podcasts of 2010, Betty White and Dr. R.K. Anderson

This podcast is informational, but mostly it's inspirational. I so SO SO admire how these two folks haven't lost their fire in their bellies to do good. Both could have retired decades ago, but they choose to persevere to make a difference, and simply because pets are their passion.


With the legendary Betty White

This podcast features Betty White (celebrating her 89th birthday January 17), and Dr. R. K. Anderson (celebrating his 89th birthday in a matter of months).

Dr. Anderson was in charge of animal care and control in Denver over 50 years ago, when he thought, there has to be a better way than training with force, if even training at all (which most dogs weren't back then) - he was the original cookie pusher.

DSC_9423 - RK Anderson and Ethel.jpg

That's Dr. Anderson in our living room having a long chat with our dog, Ethel.

With the late Ruth Foster, he developed the Gentle Leader. At the University of Minnesota School of Veterinary Medicine, he developed the first human-animal bond center. He was there when the Delta Society was formed. Ahead of his time, he created the Animal Behavior Resources Institute to provide a way which professionals (and anyone really) can actually see videos (FREE) on the web of appropriate training techniques, and approaches to behavior problems for dogs, as well as cats, parrots and horses. 2010 was a huge year for Dr. Anderson for many reasons, most significantly the American Humane Association (with his blessing) began to operate ABRI

I don't have to write much about the kind of year Betty White had in 2010, winning awards, starring in movies, making a TV series comeback, and even guest hosting Saturday Night Live.


In Las Vegas after being honored last February at the Western Veterinary Conference for a lifetime of animal advocacy.

Barbara Walters recently asked Betty (as I have) about matters most to her, the answer is animal welfare. Betty has been involved with the Los Angeles Zoo for over 40 years, and for about as much time has served on the Board of Directors of the Morris Animal Foundation. I recorded a video with Betty when she was honored at the Western Veterinary Conference in February.

I am honored to know both Ms. White and Dr. Anderson....Please enjoy the conversation, as I did. It's easy, click to listen HERE

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