WLS Podcast - Gwen Cooper and Takes A Lesson from a Cat; Gail Fisher Gives Lessons to Dogs

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I love this WLS Radio Podcast

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A conversation with the author of an amazing cat book, Gwen Cooper and a lesson in clicker training.

Gwen Cooper is the author "Homer's Odyssey: A Fearless Feline Tail, or How I Learned About Love and Life with a Blind Wonder Cat" a book so simple, so sweet and so inspiring. Stories about cats usually aren't best sellers - but this one is a huge seller (and for good reason).  I also spoke with Gwen about how she's moved the needle, and hopefully publishers, historically hesitant to publish books about cats, are now more likely to. Cat writers will have more books to author; we will all have more books to read....and Homer's story - well, it's wonderful, one of my favorites ever!, a
conversation Gwen Cooper, the author of this New York Times bestseller
(and one of my favorite books about a cat, ever). Gwen has broken ground
for others who write about cats, and I suspect (and I'm pleased) that
we'll be reading more books that offer cats status they deserve.

ago, many of us trained our dogs differently than we would today - at
least I hope we would no longer use a choke collar, for example.

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there are as many appropriate ways to train dogs as there are to bake a
cake. One recipe is referred to as clicker training, and Gail Tamases
talks about that approach. She espouses the benefits of this sort
of training, which she further describes in her book, "The Thinking
Dog: Crossover to Clicker Training."


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  • Thanks for that interview with Gwen Cooper--I read this book last year and really loved it. It was a really great story. The part about living in NY and living through 9/11 brought tears to my ears. I recommend this book to anyone who likes cats!

  • Sorry--tears to my *eyes*.

  • listen - the eyes and ears have it...much as I liked Dewey the Library Cat...this one I enjoyed more.

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