Thankful Penguin

An injured penguin has received a prosthetic beak and is recovering
in a Rio de Janeiro zoo after he was found stranded on a nearby beach, according to News New Zealand online.


Tungo, the thankful penguin

The zoo's veterinarian said the acrylic replacement will one day help the
five-month-old Magellanic penguin, named Tungo, to catch fish on his own.

About one month ago, the bird was found with a shattered bill which was damaged by a boat propeller. Only able to eat with help from caretakers, Tungo is soon expected to catch his own meals again in about a month or less and will be released to the colony where he was found. This species of penguin is threatened. 

The prosthesis, made from the same material used to restore human
bones, was shaped from the broken piece of the original beak that was
found with the animal.

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