Talking Turkey for Pets on Thanksgiving

I will be hollered at for this by the veterinary community, but the reality is that a little bit of turkey (sans fat) won't hurt most pets.


Who knows, the trytophan may calm them down.

The problem is that we tend to all be Jewish, (or Italian, or Polish - you choose your ethnicity) grandmas - and show our love with food. So Aunt Sally, Uncle Buddy and everyone around the table is offering just a little turkey - that adds up to a lot.

Aunt Sally Uncle Buddy.jpg

Aunt Sally and Uncle Buddy might offer too much Turkey to your pets

One slice of turkey for a cat or dog under around 15 lbs is like you or I scarfing down a half a turkey. We're also teaching our pets to beg from the table.

Too much turkey can cause an upset tummy. And if there's fat with the turkey, we could be talking about a bout of pancreatitis.

So - a little turkey isn't bad....but remember a little goes a long ways, and maybe best not to feed the pets from the table. So, control Aunt Sally and Uncle Buddy.   

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