Dr. Jane Doe for Meowsky Citizen of the Year

Dr. Jane Lohmar is the second honoree of the annual Meowsky Pets' Citizen of the Year Award.

Barker and Meowsky: A Paw Firm has officially named Dr. Jane Doe - a dog rope toy - to honor Dr. Jane.

Dr. Jane Doer.jpg

Dr. Jane Doe, available at Barker and Meowsky

Lohmar was an bank executive when she decided to go change careers and become a veterinarian following a trip to Borneo.

Jane Lohmar.jpg

Dr. Jane Lohmar with Penny and Lilly

I've had the pleasure of knowing Dr. Lohmar personally for a very long time. We both were volunteers at the Lincoln Park Zoo, and spent time with Dr. primatologist Birute Galdikas in Borneo. The time spent conducting field research on orangutans, and even 'babysitting for orphaned orangs' was life changing for both of us. Lohmar, who is regular veterinarian at Camp Dogwood, has really made a difference for Chicago pets.


Penny now has a toy named Dr. Jane Doe

When asked what her favorite quote is, Lohmar replied "No man made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he
could do only a little.' 
I have no idea who said that, but it has always resonated with me."

Meowsky says of her choice, "Dr. Jane isn't only a special veterinarian, she's a special person."


I had the distinguished honor to present Sheldon the Squirrel to Dr. Sheldon Rubin.

Lohmar follows in good company, last year's honoree of the Meowsky Pets' Citizen award was Sheldon the Squirrel, a dog toy named for Dr. Sheldon Rubin. At the time Rubin said, "I've received many awards and honors, but none like this one."  Sheldon the Squirrel dog toys are also available at Barker and Meowsky.


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  • Dr Jane Lohmar is our vet and we love her!

  • Glad to hear it, muddy....and your pets are in good paws....

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