Betty White and Bo Obama's Dog Trainer on Steve Dale's WLS Podcast

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The great Betty White; the President's dog trainer answers to Cesar Millan; a person who maintains she knows what cats are saying behind our backs and a rabies expert on this
Steve Dale's Pet World WLS Podcast

Betty White is everywhere....Of course, being the animal lover she is, Betty's always been a regular on my shows. You often hear Betty talk about dogs, even wild animals -


in this interview, Betty say she needs to stand up for cats. Betty is a spokesperson for the Morris Animal Foundation Happy, Healthy
Cat Campaign, sponsored by Sergeants
. Betty will also judge this photo contest. You can upload your photos, and your 'glamourpuss' may grace the cover of the Morris publication, AnimalNews. You can choose your CATegory to enter the contest in:

  • HAPPY HEALTHY CAT: One or more cats that appear to be healthy or active; or appears to be enjoying themselves
  • MY FAVORITE HUMAN: One or more cats with their human family, kids or adults
  • MY FAVORITE K9: One or more cats with their favorite canine friends

Even Cesar
Millan is criticizing the President for not taking a leadership. He maintains the First Dog only pulls on the leash because the dog is in charge. So, I went to the person who ought to know, the First Trainer - Bo Obama's trainer, Dawn Sylvia Stasiewicz.

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Dawn Sylvia-Stasiewicz

She responds to the Dog Whisperer's claims. She also talks about her new
book "The Love That Dog Training Program."

Beware - rabies could come back, right on your street. That would be bad. World renowned
veterinarian Dr. Richard Ford says if we become lazy,
and don't continue to vaccinate for rabies - there may be a serious
price for society to pay

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And finally, a conversation with Dena Harris. This author has made world history - the first ever self-help book for cats, "Who Moved My Mouse?"


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  • hmmm...old news...I'm much too busy reading and enjoying the new book "Cesar's Rules." He brings in trainers from ALL the different "methods" and showcases them in a very positive and interesting way.

  • In reply to harpercollie:

    yup - I'm reading that too....

  • In reply to harpercollie:

    But not sure about how the contest for cat photos, interview about rabies or the lady who wrote the funny cat book (just released) are old news....

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