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Cats and Dogs Do Get Along

I HATE that expression, ‘fighting like cats and dogs,’ because it is SO untrue – or at least no more true than fighting like cats and cat or dogs and dogs, or people and people. Facebook fan Liz suggested I post, and I am more than happy to. By the way, I bet nearly all... Read more »

God and Dog

Began here on YouTube, and now a book “God and Dog,” by Wendy Francisco. “When I look up, I see God. When I look down I see my dog.”  Can you imagine, now nearly 3 million hits (this post could even push views over 3 million)?

Zoo Lights at the Lincoln Park Zoo

Ice carvings
Among the choices for what to do on her birthday, my wife Robin chose to see Zoo Lights at the Lincoln Park Zoo….here’s a glimpse. I once was a docent at Lincoln Park. Zoo Lights is December 3 through 5 and 10 through 12, as well as December 17 through January 2 (closed December 24... Read more »

Pet Owners In Denial On the High Cost of Ownership

The economy has directly hit millions of families across America, two-legged and four-legged members of the family. On November 26, 2010, the New York Times writes about pet owners who can’t afford routine medical fees and other costs such as boarding, grooming and food for pets.  The story asserts that problem is that the general... Read more »

It's Not Why Pit Bulls Attack, It's Why Any Dog May Attack

I listed several common and generally believed myths about Pit Bulls in a previous blog post. This dog attack story is not atypical, this is the story of a Pit Bulll who bit two people on Saturday, November 20 in Spartanburg, NC and then latched on to a man’s arm. And local animal care and... Read more »

Day at the Detroit Zoo Detroit, Lions have very little to show for themselves....except to make.....
Instead of holiday shopping – I suggest, Go to the Zoo! Recently, posted on a visit to the Nassau Adastra Gardens and Zoo in the Bahamas, here is our visit to the Detroit Zoo. 

Thankful Penguin

An injured penguin has received a prosthetic beak and is recovering in a Rio de Janeiro zoo after he was found stranded on a nearby beach, according to News New Zealand online. Tungo, the thankful penguin The zoo’s veterinarian said the acrylic replacement will one day help the five-month-old Magellanic penguin, named Tungo, to catch... Read more »

Dr. Jane Doe for Meowsky Citizen of the Year

Dr. Jane Lohmar is the second honoree of the annual Meowsky Pets’ Citizen of the Year Award. Barker and Meowsky: A Paw Firm has officially named Dr. Jane Doe – a dog rope toy – to honor Dr. Jane. Dr. Jane Doe, available at Barker and Meowsky Lohmar was an bank executive when she decided... Read more »

Talking Turkey for Pets on Thanksgiving

I will be hollered at for this by the veterinary community, but the reality is that a little bit of turkey (sans fat) won’t hurt most pets. Who knows, the trytophan may calm them down. The problem is that we tend to all be Jewish, (or Italian, or Polish – you choose your ethnicity) grandmas... Read more »

Pit Bull Myths

FACT: Like any other adopted dog, it's a matter of matching the right individual with the right family. And larger and stronger Pit Bulls might not be a good idea for families with small children, not because they will be agressive per se - just their mere strength. If you are always around other dogs, you don't want to adopt a dog agressive dog, for example. But there are so many, too many Pit Bulls languishing shelters who are in need of homes.
From the American Humane Association, here is a list of common myths about Pit Bulls,all referenced and backed with science. Click the gallery to read through FACT and FICTION about Pit Bulls. I posed this, in great part, because of a noon news segment on WGN TV which had it wrong.