Video Explanation of FIP

Dr. Diane Addie, one of the world's most respected researchers of feline infectious diseases, and she (and others) created this video explanation of feline infectious peritonitis (FIP). Indeed, FIP is very complex disease. Even it's the name is misleading....FIP is a freaky mutation of the infectious corona virus. However, FIP itself is actually not contagious. For lots more info about FIP, including interviews with Dr. Addie, and legendary Dr. Niels Pedersen, CHECK THIS OUT (click here for links to those interviews and more).


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  • Wow, Steve, this is great! I truly appreciated your program interviews with her and Dr. Pedersen, this really adds to it.

  • In reply to bernadette:

    thank you...and I have a very exciting FIP related announcement to come...

  • In reply to SteveDale:

    Hi Steve, Great video ... mostly over my head but illustrates well the complexity of FIP and hopefully I'll gradually understand it better. Okay, you've got my curiosity up on your FIP announcement. Wish it were on finding either a prevention or cure for it! But any step is another step towards our goal. Keep up the good work! -Stephanie in Montreal.

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