Halloween Pet Safety

Americans shell out over $3.5
on Halloween decorations treats and costumes, including costumes for pets.
Costume contests for pets are common, and often raise money for charity. That's
all good.

Unfortunately, the pets
aren't consulted. Just take out the costume, and most cats are under a bed or
run in the other direction. To dress up a cat for a quick photo isn't too
bad if he's willing to get into the costume without too much of a struggle. You
can reward kitty for his patience with a few special treats.

As for canines,
some look totally humiliated wearing a costume - and that's likely because they
are. I suggest you don't force a costume on these dogs. However, other dogs seem to relish the attention, enjoying the experience
of being fussed over. They love Halloween, and if they're well socialized to other people and other dogs - and don't mind people who look like monsters - they may even join in the trick or treating fun.

Click the gallery for tips to keep your pets safe this Halloween, and the American Humane Association has additional ideas for keeping pets safe this Halloween.

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