Betty White Might Judge Your Cat

Betty White is everywhere these days, even popping up as the judge for the Morris Animal Foundation Happy Healthy Cat photo contest, sponsored by Sergeant's.

betty white-giraffe-1.jpg

This contest is for cats only (except the category of cats and dogs living together), please do not enter your pet giraffe.

So, how good looking is cat? Felines entrants will be judged in one of three CATegories:

  • HAPPY HEALTHY CAT: One or more cats that appear to be healthy or active; or appears to be having fun!
  • MY FAVORITE HUMAN: One or more cats with their human family, kids or adults
  • MY FAVORITE K9: One or more cats with their favorite dare we say, doggie friends
dog and cat.jpg

Cats and dogs can be best friends, millions are

The winning cat will become a cover girl (even if the winning cat is a he). The winner, chosen by Betty, will grace of the cover of the Morris Animal Foundation AnimalNews quarterly publicaiton.

The Morris Animal Foundation is amazing, supporting so many animal health studies since 1948. So much of what is known about our dog's health to what we've learned about zoo animals, and their care and prevention of disease is from MAF research. "We need to do much more though for cats," says Dr. Patricia Olson, MAF president and CEO. And she's right.

Sergeant's has been around even longer, creating products to make pets healthier and happier.

Most of all submit a photo of your kitty - just because you can show off your friend, as all the entrants will be posted online. And by entering (there's no fee to enter), you can help all cats.  


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  • It's really a shame to see Betty White being used to pimp Sergeant's products. Sergeant's flea and tick products cause unreasonable harm to thousands of pets each year. If you want your pet to be happy and healthy, AVOID OVER-THE-COUNTER FLEA AND TICK PRODUCTS THAT CONTAIN DANGEROUS CHEMICALS!

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