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Halloween Costume Contest: A Howl of A Good Time, What they Wore

The Fabulista Miss Meowsky of Barker and Meowsky: A Paw Firm hosted another “A Howl of a Good Time,” October 31 at the Bridgeview Bank parking lot (1970 N. Halsted) at Armitage Avenue. An esteemed panel of judges reviewed best costumes for kids and for pets. Here are highlights of the pet contest, and the... Read more »

Deaf Have Super Vision: Cat Study Points to Brain Reorganization

It makes sense that with one sense declines – say eyesight, for example – hearing heightens. At least those have always been the reports. But how true is that really?  Researchers at The University of Western Ontario, led by Stephen Lomber of The Centre for Brain and Mind have discovered there is a causal link... Read more »

Woman Sentenced for Killing Cats

An Oxfordshire, England woman admitted to drowning eight cats and has been sentenced to 12 weeks in jail. Julie Carter, 43, of Bicester, told RSPCA staff she could not afford a phone call to have the cats rescued so killed them one by one over a week. The cats were all between one and three... Read more »

Devilish Children, Benefit for Tree House Humane Society

Devilish Children and the Civilizing Process  playing at the Dream Theatre Company, (556 West 18th Street) October 30 (Saturday) will perform a special Halloween performance, benefiting the Tree House Humane Society. Warning: You may be frightened. (photo from Dream Theatre Company) The play is about a disobedient three-year-old dropped off at a school for manners... Read more »

Kids, Your Drawing of a Shelter Dog Might Be in the Movies

How would you like your kid’s name or a grandchild’s name to appear at the end of a movie? This is way cool….The American Humane Association is the organization which authorizes No Animals Were Harmed at the tail end of movies. Along with that designation at the end of the upcoming feature “Smitty” will be... Read more »

Check The Trendy, The Chic Halloween Costumes for Pets

Here they are, Halloween costumes for pets. So, you’re the judge….What costume do you like the best?

Halloween Pet Safety

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Video Explanation of FIP

Dr. Diane Addie, one of the world’s most respected researchers of feline infectious diseases, and she (and others) created this video explanation of feline infectious peritonitis (FIP). Indeed, FIP is very complex disease. Even it’s the name is misleading….FIP is a freaky mutation of the infectious corona virus. However, FIP itself is actually not contagious.... Read more »

Tricks & Treats: A Howl of a Good Time

The Fabulista Miss Meowsky of Barker and Meowsky: A Paw Firm will host A Howl of a Good Time, October 31, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Bridgeview Bank parking lot (1970 N. Halsted) at Armitage Avenue. With the fabulous Miss Meowsky and last years Tricks & Treats: A Howl of a Good Time... Read more »

Betty White Might Judge Your Cat

Betty White is everywhere these days, even popping up as the judge for the Morris Animal Foundation Happy Healthy Cat photo contest, sponsored by Sergeant’s. This contest is for cats only (except the category of cats and dogs living together), please do not enter your pet giraffe. So, how good looking is cat? Felines entrants... Read more »