Pit Bulls In Fatal Dog Attack

Pit Bulls can do bad things. But please read this to the bitter end -

A Mountain Ranch, CA man was mauled to death by two Pit Bulls late in August (2010), according to the Calaveras County Sheriff's Office. According to media reports, Sheriff's Capt. Jim Macedo said the body of Vietnam veteran Jerry Yates, 69, was found
by his son, Jared, between two cars outside a shop
building on Yates' 11-acre ranch.

YES - this is a tragedy, absolutely!

jerry yates.jpeg

Jerry Yates

Read this:
The dogs belonged to Sheryl Sellers,
who rented space on the property for her trailer and kept
the Pit Bulls in a fenced area. Macedo said Sellers was arrested on a single felony charge
of allowing vicious animals at large, and her fence was clearly

In all cases of fatal attacks by dogs, and most serious attacks (by Pit Bulls or any other breed) which I've ever read about - there was some sort of red flag....whether it's dogs already deemed dangerous and no one did anything about it, or complaints to officials going unanswered, or even dogs used on purpose as weapons.

As Dr. Sophia Yin points out in her blog, The Art and Science of Animal Behavior, this a responsible dog ownership issue. Yin, who is an applied animal behaviorist writes, "As a veterinarian and applied animal behaviorist, I deal with aggression
and bite cases all the time. In fact these make up about 80% of the
cases that veterinarians practicing behavior see. One common thread
between many of the cases--the owners failed to recognize the early signs
that could develop to fatal aggression."

Again - I reiterate - however this came down, a real tragedy.


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  • What Does A PitBull Look Like... most are not... I have twenty dogs available for adoption a few groups that look alike, now is group (a) the pitbulls or is group (b)or maybe group (c)? because one group is the american Staffordshire terriers while the other are pits or american bull dogs or a Staffordshire terriers which are different than the american Staffordshire terrier So What Kind of Dogs where they?

  • 95% of dangerous attacks are animals that are in tact! Please listen to Betty and Bob... SPAY AND NEUTER.

  • In reply to mpsky:

    like Bob and Betty - the radio personalities...

    And show me data about 95 percent of dangerous attacks are from unaltered dogs. Dogs are not, in fact, more aggressive because they are in tact. And I CAN show you data to demonstrate that, or ask and veterinary or applied animal behaviorist. What we do know, is that in an effort to get to a 'hot babe' unaltered male dogs will be more likely to roam or fence jump. And out and about, who knows what can happen....but dogs not-neutered at not more aggressive (to people).

  • In reply to mpsky:

    It is all about responsible ownership- clearly, this was not a good situation.

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