Paul Lisnek Discusses Conditions at Chicago Animal Care and Control

Paul Lisnek talks about conditions at Chicago Animal Care and Control, Saturday September 18 2010 at 5 p.m. (CST) on The Paul Lisnek Show, WVON Radio, 1690-AM.

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Paul Lisnek

The segment includes myself, Marcella Raymond of Channel 9, WGN-TV and your phone calls.

Raymond did the original investigative report about CACC.  If you missed it, here it is:



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  • No reps from the CACC?

  • In reply to harpercollie:

    I understand they are pretty much no comment - but not my show, so I don't really know.

  • In reply to harpercollie:

    Let's hope she's having a good day on the Lisnek show...!
    (From the Trib 4 years ago today. September 19, 2006,by Art Barnum, Tribune staff reporter)
    Marcella Raymond, a WGN-TV reporter, was sentenced Monday to 6 months of conditional discharge and ordered to pay a $300 fine for a misdemeanor battery conviction stemming from an altercation last year with a Wheaton woman over a parking space.
    DuPage County Judge Brian McKillip rejected prosecutors' request that Raymond, 41, be placed on conditional discharge for a year and ordered to perform 60 hours of community service and pay $2,250 in restitution to the victim for medical bills relating to a fractured finger.
    "All of us have had a bad day, and Ms. Raymond had a bad day," the judge said. "She didn't walk away soon enough."

  • In reply to harpercollie:

    very strange defense - but this how it's been going on....I was attacked, now Marcella. This is is not about me, or her (an excellent reporter). Yup - that's the problem at Chicago Animal Care and Control. I don't believe we, or the legion of others I hear from, staff at CACC, ex staff at CACC, rescues and shelters no longer willing to go there, volunteers and ex volunteers, even some people from other cities - very prominent nationally in the shelter world...YES, of course, everyone else is the problem. And, by the way, sadly, there is a problem.

  • In reply to harpercollie:

    Just had a thought...what if the conditions were being done on purpose? Paula Fasseas is the only supporter...the mayor wants to privatize...Fasseas runs PAWS. PAWS gets the contact? This needs to be investigated...federally.

  • In reply to harpercollie:

    Harper...what does that have to do with the current issue? Oh I forgot....another Bunny Hugger trying to deflect. Pathetic....really.

  • In reply to AnimalDefender:

    Just thought it was interesting and kind of amusing, that's all. A local TV reporter fighting over a parking space in public and breaking someone's finger? Then this same reporter springing a surprise attack during an "expose" of CACC? You read 'way too much into my little quote from the Trib.(big smile)

  • In reply to harpercollie:

    Oh harpercollie, if you want to bring up past b.s. stories, let's look at this one by your fearless leader, letting the same stuff go on at CACC that she had so angrily opposed a few years ago...taken from news article regarding her part in shutting down an animal rescue...

    Cherie Travis is a animal law attorney. She says: "There's something wrong here...The Illinois Department of Agriculture doesn't do its job in regulating the shelters that it licenses."

    She says the issue is far bigger than just Pet Rescue. She's just examined hundreds of Department of Agriculture inspection reports from other Illinois shelters filed within the last year, and she's appalled by what she's found.

    She says: "It's amazing to me how frequently a citizen will say the place is filthy, the animals are not well and the inspectors always say everything looks...There should have been vet records requested and there should have been violations."

    Even more astounding, Travis says she's also found dozens of inspection reports of Illinois shelters that were turned in completely blank.

    As for Pet Rescue Inc., it's now open only one day a week for just a few hours. Shelter insiders say the hundreds of animals here rarely ever see daylight.

    Pet advocates Fanni and Kris say: "They're always caged." "Yeah, and they grow old there."

    And some observers believe Armon and Horak are more interested in hoarding animals than providing them with a new and loving home.

    Cherie Travis says: "People who take on more animals than they can manage that there might be an underlying medical or psychological issue..There's something wrong here, it's not the way a shelter should be run."

    I would pretty much say, the only one with a "psychological issue" now is Cherie Travis, for doing the exact thing she fought against. And isn't it funny to note that the Illinois Dept. of Agriculture's rep toured CACC and "saw" only 150 dogs and 200 cats IN THE MIDDLE OF JULY!!!!. Was he BLIND or perhaps a friend of Cheries

  • In reply to ruffruff:

    And we had WAY more then that when IDOA was there too....kinda curious to know what he was looking at.

  • In reply to AnimalDefender:

    And if you want proof...look at Cherie's June 15th post on her facebook....
    Cherie Travis, Commissioner of Chicago Animal Care and Control Uh-oh! Dogs and cats pouring in this week. Please come adopt! Please, rescue groups, come take some!!! We've run out of space. June 15 at 3:12pm

    But I thought overcrowding never happens at ACC? Huh....explain that please!

  • In reply to AnimalDefender:

    Cherie Travis, Commissioner of Chicago Animal Care and Control We're having a CATastrophe! We are so full with cats and kittens that we have literally run out of room. I am begging for humane societies and rescue organizations to come and take some.June 1 at 2:34pm

  • In reply to ruffruff:

    That's interesting as well. Although she's not my "fearless leader" by any means, I do like your use of that term. (Rocky and Bullwinkle fans will understand the appropriateness of it.) Gotta love Chicago politics!

  • In reply to ruffruff:

    The IDOA inspections are just ridiculous. They don't want to be there and unless there is something really wrong -- like you have a million dead animals -- they'll just say "Looks good." They often inspect and pass puppy mills.

  • In reply to harpercollie:

    Great report Steve, Paul, and Ms Raymond. What concerns me is that the only thing the City has said is there is an "internal investigation"? Nothing is going to happen folks....Cherie has too much power and too much clout behind her.

  • In reply to AnimalDefender:

    Haven't any of you ever worked for big corporations? Travis has been on the job at CACC for about 8 months. It's UNREASONABLE to expect major reforms in that amount of time for such a huge and messy organization like CACC. How is your statement "nothing is going to happen folks" supposed to be useful to anybody?

  • In reply to AnimalDefender:

    I feel compelled to speak up. Steve Dale is losing a lot of credibility with rescues, because this is not about the animals, but rather about getting Travis fired. Steve was very vocal before she was officially hired and tried to get her appointment blocked (common knowledge). And that's fine. You had an opinion and voiced it. But now, Steve has been calling rescues to demand to know why they'd transfer animals from CACC. I recognize there are issues at CACC that must be dealt with, but Steve hasn't been in the building and has been very vocal about its conditions. That's strange for someone who hasn't been in the building since Travis started, but even worse is that he is actively trying to get rescues to STOP taking animals. Why would you do that? Rescue groups talk, and a lot of us are beginning to realize that you really seem to be focused on one person and not the betterment of AC animals. Steve, you are really losing credibility here, and a lot of us wonder if you simply pulled strings to have your friends at your former place of employment WGN look into this. Maybe you didn't, but the more personal this looks, the more we all wonder.

    Steve, I hope you respond to this. Why do you want the rescues to actually stop taking animals? You WANT high euthanasia at AC? You want animals to die because you just don't like someone? You keep talking like you are just so concerned for the welfare of the animals, but your recent actions do not support that.

  • In reply to animaladvocate:

    OK - I'll respond - but I'm not sure why I am bothering since no matter what I write, it will be twisted...or not believed or who knows based on the allegations here, which I must say are creative. Though I will offer answers, don't follow up - I will not answer. This is not about me...I'm not sure why I'm bothering, but here it goes -

    I have not worked for WGN-TV for many years. Marcella Raymond had not begun working there when I was working there. I did not know Marcella, and she did not need to use me as a resource for her segments. I have only spoken to her a few times, all after her segments aired.

    I'm not exactly sure how I could have 'blocked' anyone's appointment; this is Chicago. That's not how it goes with Mayoral appointments. Interesting what "common knowledge" has me spending my time doing.

    I've spoken to rescues that have come to me - but I have not actively campaigned for anything; to suggest I am calling rescues, ridiculous. Rescue groups absolutely don't need me to tell them what to do or how to do it.

    And unless you are following me, not sure how you would whether I visit Trader Joes's or Jewel, or go anywhere else....I am about to take out our dogs, one adopted originally from CACC, then snatched up by PAWS. So, officially a PAWS adoption. I'm wearing a grey sweatshirt and green baseball-type cat. I think now, I've answered what you've asked. Oh, by the way, if there was nothing to report - then Marcella Raymond wouldn't be doing the reports, and you wouldn't be asking me questions which imply I am somehow a bad guy.

  • In reply to animaladvocate:

    My name is Ellen Graham and three of my cats were taken into custody by ACC on August 25th, 2010, while in the care of my pet sitter, who was being unlawfully evicted. You can view the story at One of my cats was left behind by ACC in an apartment locked up for three days without any food or water. The three cats that were taken by ACC were lost in their system for five days, I could not get them out because they could not find paperwork. They were also released, with ACC knowing that my cats had been exposed and contracted the Panleukopenia virus. ACC has acknowledged that they knew and did not notify me that the cats had been exposed, causing one of my cats to die and the other two to become very ill. There is no alleged mistreatment at the facility, my cats' story proves that the entire facility is mismanaged and run by incompetent, rude, uneducated and heartless people. Please sign the petition at this link if you would like to help me make a difference and insure that no other animals are harmed while in the care and control of ACC.

  • Good. Thanks for keeping this story in the public eye. Were CACC reps invited and declined to attend?

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