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Wild Adoption Event at the Zoo

Brookfield Zoo is partnering with PETCO to host an adoption event on Saturday, October 2 and Sunday, October 3 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. The event will be as expansive as the plains of Africa and as hot as the Asian rain forests; there will be 23 animal rescue groups from Illinois and Wisconsin,... Read more »

A Dog's Nose Can Sniff Out Prostate Cancer

Dogs never cease to amaze me concerning what they can do. According to a printed report from Web MD, dogs may be able to detect prostate cancer by sniffing out the smell of chemicals released into urine by prostate tumors. In early tests, the approach produced fewer false positives than would be expected with the... Read more »

Adopt-A-Dog Month Kicks Off In Chicago with Governor Pat Quinn

American Humane Association’s Adopt-A-Dog month kicks off with an event at the Anti Cruelty Society with dog loving Illinois Governor Pat Quinn, and you are invited! Breed bans, always potentially lurking….but not with Gov. Quinn in office. The event is at noon (’till around 1 p.m.) Sunday, October 3 at the Anti Cruelty Society (LaSalle... Read more »

Great Blog Post On Pit Bulls

In her blog, an Insider’s Guide to Urban Life, Mary Margaret McSweene writes that she is attacked each morning by a dog. Her dog Jake, a Pit Bull mix, attacks her with kisses. It’s what many devoted dogs do, whether they are Labrador’s or Pit Bulls. To a great extent, I owe Michael Vick a... Read more »

WLS On Demand Petcast: Pat Miller on Do Over Dogs, Dog Flu and What's Up with Ferrets

On my 890-AM WLS On Demand Steve Dale’s Pet World - Listen to this line-up, for Free by clicking here One of the great communicators of dog training and training methods, Pat Miller, talks about her most recent book “Do Over Dogs: Give Your Dog a Second Chance for a First Class Life.” It’s flu... Read more »

World Rabies Day - Celebrate With a Shot

So, there you are watching a scary old black-and-white movie on the late, late show. Here’s the scene: It’s a full moon, but even on a moonlit night, the fog makes it difficult to see. A woman is walking down the street, alone. In the background, a wolf howls. Just then, a dashing guy appears,... Read more »

Tree House Humane Society

Tree House Humane Society – ahead of it’s time…No Kill, and a very long history of understanding cats’ social needs in a shelter, and also adopting special needs cats, including cool dudes with FIV. 

Should We Boycott Burger King?

In my opinion, this is stupid denigration of Rottweilers and Pitt Bulls, playing into stereotypes – But people believe this stuff is the problem. (Thanks Facebook Fan Stephanie K. for the post idea)

Is This Cat Named Garfield?

All this cat needs is a beer:

Dogs Welcome? Or Are Dogs Unwanted?

I’ve long supported the goal of being able to take pets wherever makes sense. One advantage of allowing dogs at restaurants is for the business. It’s another way to attract customers, and these days, for many restaurants that’s important. So, depending on your perspective, you can either blame me or thank me, as I am... Read more »