Karen Pryor on Steve Dale's Pet World

One-hour with the Queen of Operant Conditioning, Karen Pryor. Listen to my wide ranging 890-AM  WLS podcast, as the legendary Karen Pryor and discuss everything from Oscar training (as in a kind of fish) to playing games with your dog which dogs help invent the rules. Other topics range from Cesar Millan to kleptomaniac Dalmatians. You've never heard Karen Pryor quite like this.

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Karen discovered decades ago after training dogs that you can't put a leash and collar around a dolphin to train marine mammals. So she used a whistle.
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Karen Pryor on a radio show with me a few years back, demonstrating cat training

As she began training dogs again, she thought - well, why use a choke collar? She didn't - she used a clicker. Today, that's how millions of dogs and lots and lots of other kinds of animals are trained. She writes about clicker training, but also how animals learn in her latest book, "Reaching the Animal Mind."      

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  • I'll check it out Steve. Thanks!

  • Interesting interview. But of course it couldn't be complete for you without a big dose of MISINFORMATION about Cesar Millan. That spoiled it for me.

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