All About Litter Boxes with Beth Adelman

Here's my view: A cat litter box is like Google for your cat...EVERYTHING you need to know is in that box...your kitty has an upset tummy, your kitty is stressed (and not even making it to the box), your kitty has diabetes or is hyperthyroid (too many clumps, urinating all the time).

In Thea Feldman's New York Cat Scene Examiner Blog, she wrote about New York Post cat columnist Beth Adelman's comments earlier this year, at the New York Pet Show the topic of litter boxes.

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Cat Behavior consultant, author Beth Adelman

Adelman is Cat Behavior Consultant certified with the International
Association of Animal Behavior Consultants and author of "Every Cat's Survival Guide to Living with a Neurotic Owner," shared important
basics about an everyday essential item for your cat: the litter box.

So, what makes a good litter box that your cat should use without
problems? According to Adelman, it's basically a cat parent's challenge
to replicate the great outdoors that cats used before they were
domesticated--what she called the "primordial litter box."

Where a litter box is concerned, size does matter. As a rule of thumb,
said Adelman, a litter box should be 1.5 times the length of your cat
in order to avoid accidents outside the box.

You should put the box someplace where the cat can have a measure of
privacy and not in a high-traffic area of your house. A corner is a
perfect place.

cat in litter box.jpeg

And, speaking of traffic, in a multiple cat household,
you should have at least one box per cat.  In general, avoid covered boxes.

Adelman also advised that low-tech litter boxes are the best. She
maintains that cats don't like the kind of litter box that is disguised
as a decorative piece of furniture. Nor do they like electronic litter
boxes that look like they come from outer space.


Ewww - you think this box is way overdo to be scooped?

Besides, if the box does the scooping on its own, it's impossible to use the box as a "Kitty Google."

Avoid scented litter. And here's a nice tip:  Adelman recommended that you spread some litter on a plate
and press your arm into it. If that hurts your arm, guess what? It will
hurt your cat's feet.

Adelman also gave advice on how much litter is the right amount--about
two inches; two is also the number of times a day ideal for scooping.

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